Digital Marketing for Real Estate Industry

digital marketing for real estate industry

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Digital Marketing for Real Estate Industry

REAL ESTATE…..as the word suggests is REAL—-that is tangible property that is made up of land and anything on it like building mainly categorised as residential, commercial and industrial. Commercial real estate is more valuable and stable and residential real estate is less expensive and more feasible to individuals. It also includes livestock, water and additional mineral deposits Money invested in this leads to capital appreciation and income too at the time of boom.

Real estate is mainly managed by Real Estate Developers whose job is to buy, sell and rent buildings, land, arranging for lands to construct new buildings, rent residential properties. They are the ones who buy land, arrange for finance for real estate deals, also renovation of real estate etc. Hence it is a varied field and definitely requires good expertise to deal with it.

Internet users today search for anything and everything on GOOGLE and buyers for real estate also are looking to finish their leg work on the net before engaging the experts. Buyers mostly look for options online when they are thinking of buying a house. Thus it is inevitable for real estate developers to make their effective presence online to survive in the world of marketing.

Below are the tips  – Digital Marketing for Real Estate Industry

1. Social Media:

First step in the digital marketing world is to have your profiles created on all the popular social media platforms life Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google + etc. It starts with purchasing Facebook Business Ads, Google ads to sharing photo albums of the property which leads to creating a good and impressive brand image and in turn creating prospects for good business boom.

2. User friendly website:

A user friendly and fast website is a must demand for a realtor as the website will be loaded with pics and videos and to develop the same will be a web developer’s nightmare. But if you engage a professional designer and figure out what is the requirement of the current set of customers as per the current trend you can get a good responsive website created. On the other hand, since most of the work is done on mobiles your website needs to be mobile friendly. Your website should contain list of all new things and upcoming projects coming in, content should be capable to guide the customer for final purchase. Added feature of chatbots is a very good option in order to bind the customer for more discussion and take him towards further purchase inquiry.

3. Develop an email campaign:

First thing before starting an email campaign is to gather a good amount of data base. No matter digital marketing has its importance but the traditional methods still hold their importance. Participating in local campaigns, distributing brochures etc is still a very much accepted method of contacting people and getting their details during such campaigns. Later you can use this data in contacting through email. Nevertheless your email should be attractive and having all the relevant information with hyperlinks to your website. People should be forced to open your mail and read the details. However one should be careful that you should not be bombarding the reader with repetitive mails every second day so that the reader soon unsubscribes you out of anger.

4. Create a blog

Blogs are very important medium to get better SEO results. Content of your blogs using Adwords will help you getting higher results on the web pages. Blogs covering different topics related to real estate and current news in the world of Property dealing will not only interest prospective buyers but also other developers who are related to the same field. You can also invite some well-known personalities to write about your Company on your website. Adding videos and photos of your upcoming projects and current sites will help you grab attention and also make your blog look attractive.

5. Hire a photo professional

This point comes at the first rank on the tips section. Real estate relies mainly on the quality of the photos. Hence you need to be prepared to invest a pretty good amount on a professional photographer. Photos and videos of poor quality will create a bad impression about your company and its standards in the mind of the inquirer and as we say first impression is a last impression hence you cannot afford to do so. These professionals in the field are well versed in the skills and know their job well of where to highlight what to grab attention of the visitor. On the other hand; good photos covering all the areas of a site or a flat will help a buyer to make his decision to further inquiry as now hardly have time to visit all the sites personally. Viewing photos and visual tours will help them to make further decision if they find the place as per their requirement. Further you can also upload these pics and videos on social media, websites, on google pay ads etc.

6. Google my business page

Setting up a Google My Business account page makes it easy for users to find you in Google search, Google maps  and Google +. Currently this is a very popular option to advertise your Company and its products. Products and companies appearing on Google + are considered to be more reputable and hence you can win the trust of the viewer’s easily. You need to make sure that when you reflect as a search result further details of your website, address etc are reflecting on the business page. It also gives you the option to find insights on how customers searched for your business and from where these customers are inquiring from. You can also track as to how many people called you viewing your business page and what is the success ratio on the search engine. This is an excellent tool to find out the success ratio of your website and business page.

7. Monitor your SEO

You have done the base work to engage into digital marketing but you cannot relax by just implementing the techniques. SEO has many benefits but without monitoring you cannot get the desired results. SEO is a critical technique to drive leads to your website and when this is done correctly it will drive leads to your website. Google and other search engines are always into continuous upgradation and changing their algorithms. Hence you need to be checking your status on a regular basis and see to it that the social media pages, back links, meta titles and online descriptions are a part of your SEO implementation. Further blogs posted should  have a high value and long form content and have to updated on time to time basis with the changing trend.

8. Some social media rules

Make sure you have accounts on all popular networks Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google. Your contact details should be available on the platforms. There are chances that the people who visit you may want the pics they have liked to share with their friends and family, hence there should be option for social sharing. What are your competitors doing and how do their websites look like ? How do their websites look like should be checked at regular intervals. A good digital business card is also one of the basic requirements.

9. Host a webinar and virtual tour

Webinar and online workshops is an excellent digital marketing technique to share your expertise in the field. These can also be arranged in colleges for students who are pursuing civil engineering. This tool has the capability to reach the masses  and very useful in communicating the concerns of  both the sides of operations. A virtual tour should be a part of your webinar so that the viewers can know what your Company is and its work is all about. A virtual tour is capable to make the viewer feel like being at the place physically and has the capability to effect their buying decision. These methods are interactive in its kind and an excellent method to convert a prospective lead to final sale.

10. Testimonials and reviews from old customer

People using internet tend to check reviews before ordering or inquiring anything. This can prove to be of an advantage in real estate sector also. Collecting testimonial from old satisfied customers, videos fro with a tour to their home and capturing their experience will do wonders. Good reviews definitely leads to good business. These testimonials and videos should be shared on all social media platforms and on the website too. You can also circulate them to your customer base via emails, flyers in newspapers etc. Some reviews can be negative also and how you have dealt with them to the final satisfaction of the customer can also be posted. Such review helps to build the trust of the reviewer and better leads and better business.

To summarise real estate industry holds a very important place which is related to dreams of the people to live in their dream house and flourish in life. Sentiments of people are attached to their buying decision. Hence it is the marketing skills which will reap you good fruits by catering to the emotional part of the buyers

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