Building links is a crucial part of your international SEO process. If you are using ccTLDs or sub-domains as your web structure, you will need it all the more.

Why do you need link-building? Link building is essential as it builds the website’s domain authority and attracts relevant organic traffic. It also helps to improve the website’s searchability. For link building, you need to remember:

  • You require a local citation builder.
  • You need to do thorough research about your competitors. Once you have information about your competitors, look for websites and influencers you can build a relationship with to help promote your website.
  • Utilize tools like BuzzSumo to find trending topics that are relevant to your website.

  • You cannot have repetitive content as it does not help with your link-building process. If your content is optimized, you will earn quality links for your website.
  • Employ unique strategies in planning for multiple countries. Do not oversimplify the process by using the same method for all regions.

Before we close this chapter, let us look at some tools you can use for the international SEO process.