Building links to your content is essential, but what is even more essential is knowing how to use them in a way that helps your ranking. When Google comes across a back link on your site, it does one of three things: increase your ranking, ignore it, or lower your ranking. If Google ignores your links it could be because:

  • The pages you link out to are irrelevant to your content.
  • You are using links that are aimed at manipulating search rankings. Such links violate webmaster guidelines.
  • They are paid or sponsored links.
  • Google considers the links as spam links.

Finding relevant and valuable links can be difficult, but it is worth the hard work. On the other hand, generating more natural links, which are created when other webmasters, bloggers, or users link back to your content because they find it relevant and useful, is still one of the best ways to improve your site’s ranking.

Link building is not an overnight process. It takes a generous amount of time and patience. Divide your time between content creation and promotion. Promoting your content is equally crucial as creating content that is worth promoting. Use outreach as a strategy as mentioned in chapter three to promote your content.