I cannot emphasize page-loading speed enough. Ranking is not just about content, but also about how user-friendly your website is. The user experience, which is affected by how quickly your page loads, is vital and Google monitors it. It influences how you rank as Google has official factors for this. Here are some important questions to ask yourself with regards to page loading speed:

  • How quickly does my page load?
  • How mobile-friendly is my website?
  • Does my website have any annoying popups ( also known as intrusive interstitial)?
  • Does my website have HTTPS? (A more secure way of transmitting data compared to http)

When your page loads quickly whether it be on a laptop or a mobile browser, does so securely, and is clear of unwanted popup ads, then you can be sure that you are delivering a better experience. Pay attention to these metrics because they have the ability to influence your site’s bounce rate and conversion rate.