Topic optimization is the process of producing content based on predetermined topics and ideas related to your site. Google spends an enormous time trying to understand the intentions behind content and uses modern techniques to do this. One method is the use of natural language processing or NLP, a type of artificial intelligence that was developed to help computers understand and relate to the subtle contexts of human language. By producing content that is thorough and complete, we make it easier for Google to understand our website and the value we provide through it.

What do we mean by complete content? Optimize the title tags, URLs, page titles, main content, and the placement of graphics by making intelligent and relevant use of these elements. In doing so you may also employ secondary keywords or words closely related to your primary keywords. Use the guide questions for primary keywords earlier in this chapter to help identify possible secondary keywords.

Here are other ways to optimize content:

  • Enhance your format, but remember to keep it consistent.
  • Provide additional information on the subject whenever possible.
  • Add relevant outbound links (links to other websites) and internal links (links to other pages on your website) to add credibility.