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Keyword Research

Right keywords for your business based on keyword traffic, keyword visibilty and effectiveness


Content Optimization

We help optimise the content on the website which will be SEO friendly and fresh content.


On Page Optimization

Improving website structure, H1-H6 tags, robot.txt, .htaccess file, schema markup, Title and Meta, Configuring SEO Plugin


Off-Page SEO

Brand Mentions, Commenting, Forums, Social Bookmarking, Content Marketing


SEO Strategy

Organising website’s content by topic,  optimising technical SEO, on and off page SEO.


SEO Consulting

We can act as your advisory for SEO services for a fix fee on monthly basis and guide your for campaigns. 


Local SEO

Creating local citations and local link building 


International SEO

Creating backlinks worldwide and local citations for selected countries


Improving Website Speed

Website speed is one of the criteria for SEO  and we specialise in improving website’s loading speed and performance.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of optimizing the content on your site to be found organically by users on search engines. Ranking your website at the top of the SERPs, or search engine results pages, is a difficult task that requires dedication and constant monitoring. SEO is not just about putting the right content on your site.

There are many ranking factors that Google and other search engines use to decide where your site appears in the search results. These ranking factors are put into three categories:

  • On-page SEO,
  • Off-page SEO, and
  • Technical SEO.


This field of SEO focuses on the content of your website. At Market Your Biz, we make sure our customers follow Google’s best practices when optimizing on-site content. Over the years, Google and other search engines have adjusted their search algorithms to combat SEO strategies that were gaming the system to increase in rankings.

The old ways of keyword stuffing your content are long gone, and Google’s bots now penalize sites that are still practising these techniques.

Our analysts ensure that your content is implemented properly, giving your customers a clear vision of your business while staying within the parameters of Google’s best practices.


This category covers all the activities of your website and brand outside of your site. Off-page SEO is key to increasing the trust and authority of users and search engines. Things like social media followers, local listings, and backlinks to your site are all ranking factors.

Market Your Biz will create an off-page strategy that is unique for your business to increase the number of backlinks to your site and move you up in organic search results. 


Link Building


Content creation


Social Signals


Guest Blogging


This category of SEO focuses on all of the technical or behind-the-scenes aspects of what makes a site search-friendly. Technical SEO is often overlooked because it requires more skills and tools to make sure your site is optimized and healthy.

Technical SEO includes site architecture, page structure, indexability, page speed, among other factors. In recent years, technical SEO has played a larger role in Google’s ranking factors and must not be ignored.

Market Your Biz stays up-to-date on all technical ranking factors to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition!


URL Inspection


Site Load Speed


Crawl Errors




Mobile Friendly Website


Secure WEbsite


Page Depth Analysis


Broken link Analysis

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With us you can definitely have a peace of mind as we have more than 15+ years of experience and if we dont deliver the expected marketing results we refund the full money that we charged so far.

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What SEO Services does my business need?

At Market Your Biz, we like to take a holistic approach when it comes to SEO strategy. We analyze each aspect of your site and create a unique approach to tackle all SEO needs. Our priority is to tackle any immediate errors and optimizations.

This gives your business a quick boost in rankings. Our next goal is to create a long-term SEO strategy that will guarantee your site is checking off all of the boxes needed to stay ahead of the competition. 

Market Your Biz offers services tailored to your budget! Each of our clients will receive a complete website audit after signing on then we work with you to create a cost-effective plan that ensures your return on investment. Other services you will receive after our initial onboarding program include:

Keyword Research 

We track all ranking keywords and how they are performing on your site. 

Competitor Analysis

Build trust with your customers and Google. Link building is still a dominant ranking factor among search engines when done properly. We run link-building campaigns that increase your domain authority without incurring any penalties. 

On-Page Optimizations

We update and optimize all on-page elements for new and existing pages. 

SEO Focused Copywriting

Market Your Biz provides professional copywriting that will highlight your business’s services to create a clear message to your customers while also incorporating SEO best practices. 

Monthly Reporting and Tracking

We provide detailed monthly reporting that is easy to digest. Helping you better track and target your customers.

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Increase Organic Traffic and Increase Revenue

Bringing traffic to your site is just the first part of the challenge. Once we begin to increase your company’s position in the search engines, we take all of the necessary steps to make certain the traffic converts into sales.

Our SEO analysts are experts at identifying and understanding what generates revenue for your business. We focus on the keywords that will have the most impact and put our energy into converting visitors to customers. 


Create content


Post on various social channels


run ad campaigns


generate reports

Why choose  market your biz for SEO services


Trusted By Over 100 Businesses

We let our work speak for itself. After running successful SEO campaigns for over 100 businesses and counting, we are confident we can take your business to the next level. Our expertise extends to all industries all over the world!

Proven Results

The numbers don’t lie! Our services not only increase the organic traffic to your site, but we guarantee to convert users into customers, increasing your revenue.

Detailed and Accurate Reporting

We provide in-depth analytical reporting. Identifying all KPIs and ensuring your focus and energies are in the right places. Sometimes business strategies need to change to keep up with competition and changing trends. We make certain your business stays ahead of the curve. 

Business Partnership

We consider all of our accounts as business partnerships. That means we are completely transparent with the work we do and never force a contract. We grow with our clients and like to consider our services and extension of your business. Your success is our success!

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One Time Setup Tasks


Google My Business Setup


Google Analytics


Google Search Console


Keyword Research


Competitor Research


Website Audit


Broken Link Audit


Page Redirects


XML Sitemap Setup


Robots.txt setup and optimisation


Social Media Integration

Monthly Tasks


On-Page content Optimisation


Optimise Title Tags


Optimise Meta Descriptions


Optimise Image alt texts


Optimise Image Title Tags


Internal Linking


Off-page SEO


Guest Posts


Foundational Links


Site Speed checks




Frequently Asked Questions

what is seo?

What is SEO and how does it help you? Search engine optimization, sometimes referred to as organic SEO, is the act of enhancing the quality and volume of site traffic to a site or a certain web page by search engines. SEO aims at unpaid visitors rather than paying visitors or direct traffic.

The major aim behind the search engine optimization strategies is to enhance your company’s or business’ online presence. SEO works by using keywords to target prospects who are interested in what you have to offer. It does this by tapping into the potential of these keywords and incorporating them into the content on your website.

This gives your site an edge over other similar sites that do not make use of this technique. For instance, if you look at the top pages of some search engine results, you will notice that they do not exactly match the keywords being used by the competitors.

What are SEO and what does it have to do with digital marketing? SEO is one of the best ways to achieve a high ranking for your site in search results. With this in mind, it becomes imperative that you tap into the potential of SEO to boost your company’s or business’ visibility. By maximizing your websites’ potential in the eyes of search engines, you increase the chances of drawing in more visitors.

What is SEO and how does it relate to search engine ranking factors? SEO factors are crucial when you want to optimize your website for better search ranking. You need to know the basics of SEO and know how it applies to your business’ online presence.

When we refer to SEO, we are talking about the basic principles of search engine ranking. SEO is a continuous process and there are constant changes in the way the search engines rank websites.

What are SEO and what are its benefits? SEO benefits you because through this, you will be able to improve your page 1 rankings in search results. By this, you can get more targeted traffic which will turn into potential customers. SEO is all about link building, keyword research, content writing, and making the necessary changes to your website as per the changing search engine trends.

What are SEO and what does it have to do with SEO content writing? SEO content writing is a way of optimizing your website for search engines and incorporating keywords and key phrases in strategic places. Keyword research is a vital part of SEO content writing.

This helps you understand your target audience better. The main goal of SEO is to get a high rank in search engines. There are many companies that offer SEO services but you should be careful while selecting a company because not all companies provide effective SEO services

seo services for businesses

The need for effective Local SEO Services is ever on the increase. Local SEO Services begins with smart investigation. First, an SEO expert will review every relevant keyword for current search volume and competition. As a leading Local SEO company in the business, provide a full suite of services to make conversions and increased sales from local prospects. The ultimate goal is conversion to local traffic, but first we must acquire new customers!

By employing search engine marketing tactics and strategies, Local SEO Services allows you to attain higher Search Engine Result Position or SERP’s. Higher SERP’s lead to more traffic and more potential customers. And more potential customers translate into more business!

The most basic part of any Local SEO Services strategy involves the selection of appropriate keywords. These words are designed to attract visitors to your website, ultimately improving your Search Engine Ranking. Keywords must be carefully selected, but there is one important concept that cannot be overlooked – quality not quantity! A keyword with low quality or no quality at all will have little to no effect on your search engine rankings.

Most SEO companies offer several Local SEO services. Some specialize in professional keyword analysis for your business listings. Your business description should include keywords, but it is best to leave that up to your own Local SEO firm to select and implement. Professional companies who offer complete localized search engine marketing services can improve your ranking with very little effort.

Another popular aspect of Local SEO services is the implementation of effective content strategies. Content drives customers to your business, as well as the search engines. To have a successful SEO marketing campaign, you must have fresh relevant content in several different formats. There are many companies who offer the services of writing SEO articles, blog posts, press releases and SEO content. This content will not only be beneficial to your company’s rankings, but it will also entice readers to visit your website.

Local SEO services may also encompass image optimization. Your physical location plays a large part in how search engines rank your site. By optimizing for your keywords, image optimization can be performed quickly and easily. There are many companies who offer this service, however, it is wise to work with an experienced, credible company who will provide you with expert advice and results. You can optimize your website for the specific keywords that will bring the highest traffic to your site, thereby increasing your potential for repeat customers.

what is link building?

What is link building in SEO? Well, for one thing, link building in SEO is one of the best ways to get more exposure for your website. It’s that easy. But, why do you spend money and time in link building, then?

Link building in SEO is a very effective way of building relevant and valuable backlinks to your websites. This is what is most commonly known as “backlinks” – these are the connections that other websites make with yours through various means, such as directory listings, blog posts, press releases, social networking, and more.

These links are what help establish your credibility and the fact that you know what you’re talking about, and that you are an authority on the subject. Search engines and web publishers use these rankings and these links to determine where your website should appear in their rankings.

The link building tactics that search engines use vary greatly, but there are certain basic tactics that almost always work well. The main factor, of course, is relevancy – if a search engine notice that you’re talking about the same type of topic, or about the same brand, it is likely that they will consider you to be an authority on the subject.

Some search engines like Google take this even further by looking at the links pointing to your website. If other websites are linking back to you, then that proves that they trust you and your opinions, too. You can earn higher rankings by building backlinks organically – this is called natural link building.

what is keyword research?

Keyword research is basically part of organic SEO (search engine optimisation). It s the task that someone doing on their own to develop an extensive list of desired keywords that they want their site to rank for. To obtain such a comprehensive list, most website owners have to delve deeply into their niche and various search engines.

Nowadays, there are a few marketing software solutions that take the guesswork out of keyword phrases selection. These marketing software packages allow site owners to build keyword lists and also identify profitable keywords from those that are not so profitable.

The resulting keyword phrases are then used by the marketing software to create articles and web pages that are optimized around these profitable keywords. At the same time, marketing software identifies other keywords that could be competitive.

Once these other keywords have been identified, the marketing software uses tools like backlinking analysis to identify the sites that have content that is relevant to a particular keyword phrase.

Backlinking analysis is based upon the theory that a searcher who is attempting to find information on a particular topic is more likely to make a search for that topic if they already possess a strong desire for that topic. In order to encourage searchers to perform searches that will help them reach their intended results, web developers must ensure that they are providing content on their pages that is both relevant and interesting.

If the content on the page is not interesting, the user is unlikely to continue searching. This is why it is important to understand what a searcher is looking for and how to provide content on a page that will help them to rank well in the major search engines.