Web Design Portfolio



Frequently Asked Questions

What is a web design portfolio

A web design portfolio is usually a hand-selected showcase of web projects and client case studies that a graphic designer chooses to showcase his best and most promising works examples to prospective employers or clients.

Most often, this portfolio would comprise all the web related works that a particular web designer has created based on the requirements of a certain client. Although, it is not as easy as putting up a brochure or a website, you can at least try to compile a web design portfolio with your own hands.

However, before doing so, you should first gather your thoughts about what kinds of things to put into it so that you can come up with an idea on what types of designs to gather, what details should go in it, and other important factors.

Here are some helpful suggestions on how to make your very own stunning web design portfolio.

Your web design portfolio should not be too long, but should also be able to tell a lot about your personality, capabilities, creativity, and the kind of work that you are capable of doing.

Your portfolio should ideally consist of at least five to ten different projects that you have either worked on personally or that you have been hired for by other companies and institutions.

Your best work should be shown to your potential employers, preferably within the first three to five years of working with them. It is also advisable to include the projects that were completed with your clients, whether it was a complete victory or a complete failure. By having this information, potential employers will know what they are getting into when hiring you.

Some designers choose to put up web design portfolios that contain only their own works, but most designers are now starting to put up web portfolios with work that they have gotten or hired from various companies and institutions.

In this case, it is much better if the client already knows who the designer is, because then he or she can easily suggest or endorse the best person for the job, which would be someone who the client knows well.

This allows the client to focus on the creative side of the person who will be doing the web design instead of focusing on the technical aspects of the web pages. Having said that, web design portfolios are still very useful even when just a small part of it contains works done by only yourself or the people you hired to do the web pages.