5 Benefits of Using Pinterest for Business Marketing

Written by Jvalin Sonawala


Pinterest is one of the hottest social networking sites right now. Millions of people are logging on each day to add and explore their favorite photos and recipes. It has been compared to a big virtual pin board and has become something of an online diary. The reason for its meteoric rise in popularity is its ease of use and ability to share any image or page to millions of people around the world. But, there’s one social networking site that creates much controversy, particularly for small online retail companies, and that’s Pinterest.

Pinterest is not new to the internet social scene, but most small businesses are still unsure if using Pinterest for business purposes is worth the extra effort. One reason for this is that many small businesses do not currently have a Google AdSense account. Google’s ads are not only less expensive per click, but they do not require a subscription. This means that a small business owner might have to take out a small loan just to pay for Google’s ads. For this reason, many entrepreneurs are not comfortable with putting Google ads on their websites.

Pinterest does have some benefits in terms of brand awareness. Pinterest users can browse through their friends’ posts and comments. This allows them to learn more about other individuals and companies. A user’s demographics, such as age and gender, are also listed on their profile page, making it easy for a potential customer to find them again. Many small businesses benefit from analytics, which monitor and collect information from a website’s user base. Pinterest has its own analytics software, called Pinentals, that makes it easy to discover these statistics.

Another advantage of Pinterest is that it provides a platform for user community building. Users can comment on other users’ posts and comments. This increases the likelihood that two or more people will connect through their shared interests. Integrating social networking strategies such as commenting on pins and posts can help a small business connect with existing users and attract new customers through their shared interests.

Pinterest boards are a great way for a small business to connect with its target audience. Pinterest boards are similar to discussion boards but are designed specifically for a Pinterest-friendly environment. A Pinterest board allows a business to share relevant content with its target audience. Some of the content may be advertisements and some of the content may be useful tips and advice on product usage.

Pinterest boards are a good place for businesses to introduce new products and services. A business can showcase its new product or service on the front page of the board and encourage viewers to ask questions. Businesses can use pins or links to promote discounts or freebies to get people to check out the product. For businesses that don’t want to invest in a Pinterest account, they can post relevant content on their company’s Facebook page.

The fourth benefit of creating boards on pinterest is that a business can take advantage of some of the latest features of this social networking platform. Pinterest recently added a new feature that lets users pin photos on their boards. This feature is known as “pinning” and can be done from the sidebar menu. The ability to pin a photo makes it easier for followers to find and share these images on their personal timeline.

A final benefit of creating boards on pinterest is that a business can promote its brand using the platform. Pinterest introduced a social sociator function that lets a business take advantage of its growing user base by promoting a specific product based on what users are searching for. For example, a restaurant that does not deal with alcohol may choose to add the word “drink” to their boards to draw attention to their beverages. A fitness center may want to add the word “fit” to create a more interactive space. Social media experts are predicting that the popularity of these types of social platforms will continue to grow at a rapid rate. If you haven’t started creating your own boards yet, you’re missing out on an opportunity to build the following, followers, and revenue that can help your business thrive.

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