Benefits of Video Marketing

Benefits of Video Marketing


Benefits of Video Marketing

In today’s world Video Marketing is nothing new, rather it is in trend currently with the increased use of social media in the digital marketing world. In fact the year 2016 has been called the year of video. In this article we will go through the benefits of  video marketing and how it helps in expanding the business opportunities.

  • How videos can help built up your Business ;

Video marketing is capable to accomplish all the benefits of traditional marketing. The best way to encash the anxiety of humans is through the videos as we as humans have a tendency to watch images and videos no matter whether it shows a funny video of cats or dogs or a business promoting its key feature. Hence a good video will definitely give desired results and publicity

  • Increases Brand awareness;

It helps to increase the customer base as it helps people to know about your brand, business and products. With videos, you can quickly convey your key features and increase the exposure to potential customer by offering entertaining and attractive videos with a good message. This shall leave a mark in peoples mind

  • Increases online presence

In today’s world of social media, videos definitely plays a vital role in attracting  customers. Biggest example is You tube which is one of the largest Search Engine.

The more the people find you in the various social media options the more chances to get the buying customers. A good video shall explain all the key features  of the product in way that all the concerns of the customers are answered in the video itself. Like for example the online purchase website of clothes now a days have a video covering all the points of the product like the size fabric etc. Videos having advertisement on you tube Facebook and Instagram are the best example as the people are busy watching a post or a video and an attractive add will definitely compel the customer to view the whole advertisement video. More than links. Images or plain text video has the better chance of getting shared and get more and more followers.

Build trust

Marketing is all about building the trust of its potential customers. Customer feels that the marketer understands the concerns and choice of its customers. In today’s busy world no one has the time to personally meet each and every customer personally to build the trust. Hence the customer sentiment can be captured in the best possible way in a good quality content video.

Benefits of video marketing :

Earlier it was not possible for small businesses were not able to utilise this medium due to higher cost. But now due to smart phones and other facilities of media marketing coming in all the categories of businessmen can opt for this option.

Below are some of the major benefits:

Improves search engine rankings

Videos helps to increase your Search Engine rankings. This increases customer engagement and conversation. Google searches for particular key words on the Search Engine and if the search is accompanied by a video they understand that the link searched for is providing the relevant information for its user

Enhance your mobile marketing

Mobiles today are one of the most important medium for accessing information online. With advancement in technology video is not fit for mobile marketing

Video content on the mobile can be viewed on full screen hence the viewer gets full experience. Even if the viewer is not fully engaged in your video on a desktop laptop or mobile still the audio will be delivering the message

Conveys information more effectively

When you’re trying to find out more about a product or service, you want the details quickly, in an easy-to-process presentation. Video is an excellent way to communicate with your potential customers. In just a few seconds, you can grab their attention, explain what your business is about and why they should buy. Can you do that it in writing? Sure, but you can do it faster and more memorably in a quick video covering all details

Good return on investment

With the development in the technology videos are no longer considered to be a thing where huge budgets are needed. One can make a decent video with a little planning and strategy using a smart phone. Customers are not expecting a block buster film from this small video but yes if it has good content it definitely has the potential to leave a mark. Also small clips containing all details are enough now a days to pull the customers and hence huge budgets are no longer required

Hence to summarise the above points video marketing is a very good medium if utilised properly. Keeping in mind the customers need and the trend going on in the market. People will definitely give u an eye if a small video catches his attention in the very first video published.

Hence – First Impression is the last Impression works.