Consumer Marketing Vs Business Marketing

Written by Jvalin Sonawala


Business marketing is an advertising practice of organizations or people. It enables them to sell their products or services to businesses or other organizations which they resell it, use it as a part of their products or support their activities. It’s also a very effective way to promote business, increase profit and increase awareness too.

business marketing

Business marketing is similar to a process of communicating with your target audience. With business marketing you are going to focus on these people who have a potential to buy what you’re selling. There are many forms of online marketing that you can use for business marketing. These include using social media networks, creating a website and creating an email marketing campaign or emailing prospects directly. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

Social media This type of marketing is often associated with internet marketing and is one of the fastest growing forms of business marketing. It is all about creating a presence and building relationships with those on the social media sites. Businesses can use this strategy to market their products, services and even invite their target market to a seminar, sale or launch. These social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and MySpace.

Website This is another effective strategy used for business marketing. The goal is to increase website traffic and improve search engine rankings for the website. The strategies you will implement for this type of marketing are similar to those used for industrial marketing. The primary difference between business marketing and industrial marketing is the reach. Businesses can reach those on the hut and internet whereas industrial firms may not be able to do so easily.

Direct mail Marketing to consumers is primarily done by mass media such as television, radio and print ads. Unlike business marketing which is aimed to reach the target market in an effective manner, this type of marketing is more direct and requires personalization from the consumer. One advantage of using this type of marketing is that it reaches a larger audience than other forms of marketing and is more cost-effective.

B2b marketing This type of marketing strategy is often used as a referral method. It requires a third party to facilitate the relationship between a buyer and a seller. This can be done by a professional like a realtor, an agent or a consultant who works on commission. It generally refers to buying and selling of a product where the buyer and seller establish an online or offline connection where they exchange information about the offered item and establish a contract.

Consumer marketing It is all about promoting products and services through the mass media. It includes TV commercials, radio advertisements, etc. It is one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing because the product being promoted is usually well known to the consuming public. Unlike business marketing, it focuses on the interests of the customer rather than the specific needs of the marketer. Sales representatives are known to use consumer marketing techniques in order to create awareness about a product or service and to increase the level of loyalty towards them.

It is worth noting that the above three forms of marketing are distinct and each has its own characteristics that set it apart from the other. While it is important to keep these distinctions in mind while utilizing consumer marketing techniques, it is also vital for a business-to-business contact to effectively utilize these forms. For example, when a business-to-business contact wants to increase the level of loyalty towards their business, they should use direct mail campaigns, TV commercial slots and newspaper ads. On the other hand, when a business-to-consumer contact wants to generate sales, they should opt for the mass media. This is because the goal of a business-to-business contact is to convert the consumer buyer into a buyer and vice versa.

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