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Marketing for Advertising Agency

Advertising is a well know term now. Its benefits are manifold and is one of the most important component of the marketing process. Advertising introduces new products in the market and helps to expand the market which in turn helps to increase sales. It can also be cost effective due to good amount of sponsors coming in. Middle men involvement is reduced to considerable extent as directly a marketing agency is involved in the work.

Currently advertising and media firms are drastically changing. Every day a new development takes place and hence to survive in this competition the advertising agency needs to keep itself updated with the changing trend and increasing competition.

If your current strategy is not working then to get the desired goals then it is time for you to rethink to the approach. The world of marketing is continuously evolving and what strategies worked in the past may not work in future also. Hence below listed are some of the tips which can be used get good results:

  1. Determine you goals : Deciding the goals is the foremost thing to be done. Once you decide what exactly is to be accomplished it becomes easier to determine the plan of action. You need to decide whether you want to increase your social media following? Or you want to connect more with the local community? Or you want to increase your brand name and awareness and boost up sales? Once the exact goal is figured out it becomes easier for the you plan to achieve the same
  1. Identify the target audience:  Once the vision is decided it is time to find the bunch of which people you want to target to. You can start your work by forming a profile of your customer. Identifying his likes and dislikes and then form a profile. Suppose you are into business of spices used in the kitchen. Then you need find out the likes of the customers. A well-known chef can be engaged to endorse the spices which is usually done in the current advertisement world Hence here you will be targeting the housewives and the foodies who love cooking. The target audience needs to be determined as per the product you are selling.
  1. Brand image to be kept in mind:  Branding needs to be done very carefully as it is the first thing which catches the eye of the viewer and forms an image in his mind when thinks about your company. From logos, corporate colours and the content which will be shown on social media. Also the tag line of your business if catchy will leave a very good impact. For eg Nike a well know brand : “Just Do it” well known for sports shoes; the tag line itself suggests that one should make efforts to remain fit using their shoes. The moment the customer thinks about sport shoes NIKE will come to his mind
  1. Tracking the ad campaigns:  Once a particular ad campaign starts you need to monitor the progress. On a temporary basis you can choose one of the varied options to know the response. For e.g. you can create a post on social media and check how many views and what type of comments you get on that post. In case it does not turn out to be good then as such you are not a huge loss as it was published only on one medium and further you can also revamp the same easily or altogether design a totally new ad. Online social media has the option to track the views and feedbacks of the customers hence one should utilise this tool
  1. Accurate timing:  You need to be very particular about the timings your advertisements will be shown on the television or when the advertisement is posted on social media. Suppose there is no use of showing the advertisement of restaurant serving breakfast in the evening or at dinner time. You also need to take in consideration when your competitors are publishing their advertisements and accordingly you need to decide your timings in order to get good amount of views and attention of the customers as no one likes to watch things related to same thing over and over again
  1. Seek help wherever needed: Advertising today is a very important and a competitive field. Hence proficiency will be needed in this area. You cannot think to save money where a professional is needed to complete the task effectively. Trying to reduce cost and getting an outcome which is not effective will ruin the actual presentation of the advertisement. When it comes to advertising, quality beats quantity. If you are not a professional video maker then engage a good professional in the field to get the desired results.
  1. Try low cost advertising options :  It is not necessary that you need huge budgets to meet your desired advertising campaign. There are various options available now and applying a mix of them and monitoring them will definitely turn out to be effective like online marketing, word of mouth, social media, customer referrals, business cards, news letters, mailers etc. If you have a good content which includes all the key features of your product even a low cost advertising option can do wonders.
  1. Research:  A business man knows his customer better than anyone else.You may anticipate that your customers will behave a certain way, when in fact they go in a completely different direction. It’s essential to be prepared for this ahead of time and use the information you collect from research to plan your marketing strategy
  1. Know your Target Audience: You need to decide which buyers you want to target before you want to approach them for marketing. When it comes to digital marketing you need to decide which audience needs to be targeted and also which medium of digital marketing is to be used. It is essential to analyse which bunch of customers spend time on which type of social media. Accordingly advertising  camapaigns should be planned.
  1. Provide good customer experience: Customer satisfaction is the key factor for any business house. A satisfied customer also works as a good referral which help you to increase your business. You need to ensure that all your customers are attended promptly and all their concerns are addressed to in the best possible way

Advertising takes time to master and it requires good amount of efforts. Identify which  works best for your company and continue on that path, but don’t feel tied to it. As long as you pay attention to your market, your community, your competition, and changing trends, you should be able to keep your advertising relevant and effective in any field of work

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