10 Marketing Strategies for Branding Your Business

marketing strategies for branding

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Marketing strategies for branding follow a logical order. There must be a plan in place before any strategy is ever created, and this plan must be reviewed periodically. By following the proper marketing strategies for branding, a business can maximize its chances of success and can develop a brand identity that will be the envy of its competitors.

The term branding is used broadly to describe a set of marketing strategies used by businesses to help differentiate themselves from the competition. Branding is the process by which this differentiation is achieved. Branding strategies are typically implemented as part of a marketing strategy and include branding of products, packaging, advertising, and the companies logo. A strong branding strategy is essential in order to achieve long-term growth within the business.

In some cases, some marketing strategies for branding can be conducted separately from other elements within the company. For example, some companies choose to implement branding internally to ensure that the message that is being sent to the customer is consistent and coherent. This allows for a much higher degree of consistency in the branding that is used by the company.

Other branding strategies for developing a consistent marketing message include participating in branding competitions, conducting product testing, and carefully analyzing consumer behavior. All of these strategies have the potential to drastically improve the profitability of a business. This is because a successful branding strategy can significantly increase the number of sales and also drive up brand awareness.

Some companies choose to engage in branding as a separate activity. While this strategy may not result in a dramatic increase in revenue, it can lead to a substantial improvement in the perception of the company and the ability to attract funding. It also provides an environment in which branding specialists can collaborate and share information to build each company’s branding position.

Branding, according to one branding specialist, is a “nearly sacred concept”. “Tradition is the mother of custom, and in some cases, the custom is the mother of tradition.” What this means is that branding should always be consistent with what customers expect to see. Otherwise, it will simply be a marketing strategy, rather than an effective way to increase profits. The idea behind branding is to create a customer-centric approach and to ensure that it aligns with what the company claims to stand for.

Another major benefit of incorporating branding into marketing strategies is that it creates a bond between the company and its customers. This is especially true if customers are treated as partners rather than raw commodities. In fact, studies have shown that customers tend to buy from a company they feel a bond with. Branding thus plays an important part in creating this relationship. Additionally, branding makes the company appear more credible and respected.

Marketing strategies for branding must also take into consideration the effect on the company’s reputation in the marketplace. If consumers doubt a company, it can seriously hurt its sales and cause it to lose market share. A brand, therefore, is more than just a logo or a tagline. It has become the face of the company. In many ways, branding is a form of self-promotion, as well, as most people associate brands with positive outcomes and success.

Branding is crucial to the success of any business, but when used correctly it can boost sales, expand markets, reduce operating costs and achieve other goals. A strong branding strategy should be incorporated into marketing strategies for branding. Any good brand needs to be consistent, clear, and coherent. If it lacks any of these traits, then it is best to look for a replacement.

The marketing strategies for branding employed by businesses around the world are all designed to promote a company and its products or services. When branding, the consumer is always the focal point. For this reason, it is vital that strategies for branding be developed that do not focus on the consumer. Consumers are not Pavlovian animals who will respond to brand names. These strategies should instead focus on developing a relationship with potential customers.

When developing strategies for branding, it is important that the consumer and the company are separate. Although there is a great deal of overlap between the marketing techniques, they must be treated as separate entities and treated accordingly. The brand name of a company should never be a generic term that is used by all companies. Rather, the brand name of a company should be used to distinguish it from the rest of the competition, allowing the company to build a reputation and credibility. This is the only way that a company can truly prosper and grow.

10 Marketing Strategies for Branding Your Business

1. How to Use branding to market your image?

Branding is simply creating an image or idea or opinion about your name, brand, products, or services. To create profitability, creativity, and awareness.

Branding — Personal and Corporate – we will cover both – Personal is increasing due to usage of the Internet — helping people using your expertise or make them enjoy.

First, offer Free value or cheaper service or product. The more you inform people about your services or products, use your resources wisely and create a sort of “craving” for your brand. Your image and impression are more valuable than your inventory. Brand Managers keep an eye on the Brand Image online and offline. It takes a lifetime to build an image and it takes seconds to destroy it. Established brands don’t need large budgets to sell their products. Branding makes the sale process easier and you don’t need to ask the customers for the business. Reputed Brands enjoy Trust among their customers. Starbucks and Google barely need to advertise.

Branded products may be more expensive as compared to other products of the same category. Trusted brands earn higher profits than ordinary brands. ‘The Name’ created profitability. There is another benefit of Brand, you can use it as an extension to your existing business, e.g.for a new product or service you can connect your existing brand because people will trust them due to your existing reputation. Combined higher prices and customer loyalty means higher profit. Higher profit increases the affordability to hire expert employees. Once you establish your brand in the market you gain a sort of authority in your field, the media quotes your Brand as an example which is like ‘Free’ advertising.

In the following videos we will figure out your target market, leverage all tools and apps to the human sight of branding, how to use brands to get on the radar of reporters and influential people in you industry, how to use testimonials, press releases, teaching, and public seeking engagement to create an authority. First let’s figure out your name, possible USP, and Logo.

2. The Secret of Viral Names and Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

The name has to be catchy, use ‘Alliteration’ i.e. use the same letter twice like ‘Coca Cola’, Weight-Watchers, etc.

Use Rhymes as it is easy to remember and creates some unique feeling. Rhymes can be used in your Tagline as well.

Numbers used in the title are easier to remember and distinguish, like “ 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” book is one of the best selling books. ‘Top 10’. Come up with at least 200 different versions of the title, names titles, subtitles then select the best one felt by you. There is no guarantee that the name will be perfect but you can avoid some bad stuff in the process. Microsoft listed thousand of the name before deciding ‘Bing’

Then select the Trade Mark. Check with the concerned govt. department about the availability. You may need a lawyer, a waiting time of 6 to 8 months, and registration charges plus lawyer’s fees.

Remember who is your audience, young, aged, men, women, conservative, liberal. look for the other products in your niche on the first page of Google for your main keywords. Think about how could you improve on your names. Try to play around with the words or a combination of words or use a phrase within your main category. The title should be easy to spread, something easy for people to talk about, it’s unique, it makes people curious. Use www.brandbucket.com, just type two words of your category, the site will suggest many interesting options. Then check whether the selected name is available for the domain. “.com” is most popular and sounds more legitimate. You can use a slogan or a nickname.

USP is like a promise you are making to your customers and here you differentiate yourself from others. USP has to be believable, catchy, and original. one website name is ‘www.fluentin3months.com

The next most important is to declare the benefits of your service or products for the customers.

Avoid using overused phrases like “100% Money-Back Guarantee”.

3. Icons and Logos —

It represents the image of your company. People tend to remember images more easily. There are different factors to be kept in mind, the color combination, your audience – their age group, women, men local tradition, a theme already used by your peers, the pattern of the fonts, and much more. You should list out about 200 different versions then shortlist as per need and decide about the final version. You can visit the websites which provide guidance and ideas for logos or take the help of professionals as well. In short, put the best efforts to create the best logo. You can try to put on your website and view it from the visitor’s point of view. What is its first impression of you?

It has to be distinct, memorable, and appealing.

4 How to become the Go-To resource for your niche

Your focus should be on your audience only and not the people in general. There are different methods, the most useful is ‘The Blog writing’. If you provide the most relevant and useful information to make things easier for your potential clients, they would certainly respond positively. The reader should feel it authentic, to the point, and simple to understand with clarity. You have to know their response instantly through social media, emails, etc. Proper interaction helps you to get the right direction.

Observe the activities and practice of your peers and list out the important points missed by them. you should use the same for your benefit. You have to create such an impression of your company that the customers feel that you are the only best choice for them. Give full scope to your clients to express their views, complaints if any, and reply immediately or at least acknowledge instantly. You should visit the forums and other common platforms to know and study the type of questions people ask more.

You can use online shopping platforms to learn about the reviews by the buyers for products in your line of business. E.g. visit Twitter and search with keywords and hashtags. Visit the site of ‘net vibes’ or programs called ‘buzz bundle’ https://www.buzzbundle.co.uk/ These sites help you to know about the conversation in the field of your choice. You have to simply type the keywords.

5. The Easiest way To bring People To Your Site

Buzz bundle is the most powerful tool to engage your audience to your website. Once you open the account on their website, a window opens with a caption to add keywords related to your niche. Buzz bundle finds all the blogs, forums, Q and A sites like Yahoo,

Social Media platforms like LinkedIn Facebook, and video sharing sites like youtube, any question or comment or forum wherein these keywords are mentioned, you will be notified and you will be able to respond right from the program itself, you need not visit different platforms for this task. It will also add your screen name and add your information on the sites as it is necessary to log in your details to be able to leave your comment.

You have to give your screen name and email and password. Buzz Bundle will sign up for you and confirm the link for you, a lot of time is saved due to this facility. There is an option to mention the website name also. There are 15 days free trial initially during which you get 70% of the results. There is a one-time fee of USD 200/-

6. No One’s using the Social Media Marketing Strategy

A Spreadsheet should be prepared listing different websites, blogs, forums, Social Media platforms. Vertical columns should be added namely websites, No. of members, No. of Posts, Knowledge, Interaction, Influential Members, and Notes. The purpose of maintaining such a spreadsheet is to keep track of the knowledge and interaction of members on each website/platform and to utilize these records for the benefit of your business. In columns of Knowledge and Interaction, a sort of marks should be given between 1 to 10 depending on the quality of members on each website or platform.

You can note down important suggestions or information for improvement in your business. If you find some members very knowledgeable but less active you can invite them to your website by linking them through your screen name. You can leave your post also there. Shortlist those questions found important by you but not answered properly and you can provide ‘How to’ videos wherever possible thereby attract more audience. Content writing is one of the best ways to attract more potential customers. Your content has to be simple yet full of useful information for your customers. Avoid providing excess links to other blogs, websites.

7. How To Get 50% Email Response Rates

(AWeber , Qualaroo ) Once you build up your target market, you can reach out to the potential customers through emails asking some relevant questions like enquiring about their Demographics, whether they are interested in your niche, what are their preferences, choices, what do they expect from you. Answers to these questions help you to narrow down your focus.

You can send emails to everyone who has consented to receive your emails. You can use the services of AWeber who are in this field for quite a long time. You should decide carefully the format of initial emails, it should be simple and encouraging. You can advise the time schedule with the list of email IDs to AWeber. It has been observed that through such emails 50% response is received in general.

There is another service provider called www.qualaroo.com, they provide survey questions as per your needs. It is important to have exact information about the expectations of your audience, their choice. A personalized touch in response to a prospective client helps in creating goodwill and trust among the audience who often reciprocate by buying your products or services.

8. Promotion

Prepare a schedule for the next 6 months with a frequency of biweekly promotion across various platforms, your website, etc. Search online for new and innovative ideas for promotion. You can visit the webby awards website or Twitter to get new ideas relevant to your business. By watching the award winners’ contents you can get the best among the better stuff. There are certain basic methods which you should follow and additionally there should be some new, fresh method occasionally.

On Twitter go to the ‘Advanced Search’ option and type ‘hashtag contests, ‘hashtag winners’, ‘hashtag offer’, and so on. In the spreadsheet of Schedule, you can include Email Campaign, Social Media posts, Video posts, Blogposts, etc.

Constant grab attention is the fundamental behind the promotion. Photos, videos, blogs, tips, forums, contests, free offers. there is N number of options for promotion. There should be a combination of Paid and Unpaid Ads and marketing. Ironically, unpaid ads earn more trust. Everyone likes free stuff and winning a contest. You should offer both wisely with the goal of promoting your business. Avoid vagueness in your promotion. Be specific about the subject, your niche, product.

On Twitter you can offer two or three entries if they re-Tweet your promotion, this is one of the effective methods to become viral across the platform. (Video stopped suddenly)

9. Promotion and Advice

Avoid spamming habit. Maintain a balance between over-exposure and negligible exposure. Your messages or posts have to be simple, clear, and easy to understand. Create consistency in your promotion, e.g. a new weekly blog on a fixed day of the week, the sale during a fixed period of the year half year. Your content should help your audience to make their life easier. Choose words carefully, do not commit more than you can afford. Customers are unforgiving when they experience any breach of trust. Add some emotional value to your message or post. Your message should be easy to share. Use ‘Flare Plugin’ for word press.

The ‘Share’ button should be easily visible to enable the customer to share your content with a friend. To have a strong community is important to build a brand. Track your target market to find which social media platform they are using. In certain cases, Quora is more popular than Facebook. Note from which platforms you get the most of the traffic and save time by avoiding other platforms. Select the optimum timing and days to post depending on your audience.

You should never miss ‘The Call For Action’ on your posts. Make it prominent and easy to understand. Make your links stand out from your other posts. Pricing should be decided with the utmost care, a higher price may do the damage due to very competitive pricing offered by large business houses. At the same time ‘below average’ prices create suspicion about the quality of your product or service. Make an ideal combination of slightly higher than average pricing and the best customer service. keep in view the long time benefits rather than short-term gains.

10. The Human Side

brandyourself.com website is worth visiting.

Be careful while handling any unhappy customer, their negative or annoying comment to you directly or on a Social Media platform. Never deny straightaway the ‘Your complaint is false!’ Even if the complaint is false never be blunt, it creates very bad impressions on other visitors. Try to explain in a pacified manner giving a valid reason. If the complaint is genuine don’t hesitate to say ‘sorry!’ To get emotional on any Social media platform on any unpleasant response or complaint is the worst thing to do.

At the same time if you notice that a customer has a chronic habit to complain always irrespective of how good your product or service, it may sound weird but convey a polite message to such customer stating “Sorry we are afraid to state that we are not in a position to carry out our business with you further!” You may refer him to your competitor! The reason for such drastic action is such chronic trouble creators cause mental chaos and steal your valuable time which you can very well invest in giving better service to other valuable clients.

Never miss acknowledging any positive review or feedback or comment with ‘Thanks’ or any more appropriate gesture on case to case basis.

Your brand image should not get lost behind the logo or captions or huge claims. There must be a sort of pleasant, helpful, and smart personality behind your brand. In general, people get connected to such brands more easily. Any point of contact with the customer, right from interaction on Social Media or an email or a phone call or point of service, make it a point to be helpful, eager to give the best service ‘with a smile as such positive efforts are of great help in long run.

You create an image of your brand and become popular. It is also a fact that nobody can make happy all at all times. Due to various reasons or factors beyond your control complaints are received and for that follow the suggestions mentioned above. Never argue with a bad review. If there are questions, respond to them, if there are complaints cater to them, if they are reasonable reciprocate them. Share your brand success story in an interesting way briefly. An ad or promotion with a funny touch is always more popular than serious, boring, or heavy stuff.

Pay special attention to organize seminars, fun parties, sponsoring contests, events by which you can come in personal contact with your clients and learn about their likes, needs, expectations, and so on. While planning for such events, the demography of your audience is to be kept in mind. Another very important point majority of people don’t notice that during any interaction if somebody asks about your business or profession the typical orthodox reply is like ‘Consultant’ ‘Accountant’, ‘Engineer’ sound so boring and the other person will try to end the conversation abruptly, instead, convey your reply in form of some activity or task which make the life of people easy is much more effective and intriguing for the listener. E.g. “I am specialized in Digital Marketing of all kinds”, “We deal in total atomization of specific projects” and so on. While introducing yourself use the sentences that inspire the guy to enquire more about your products or services.

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