Qualities That Make A Virtual Assistant Successful

Written by Jvalin Sonawala


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Qualities That Make A Virtual Assistant Successful

What exactly is Virtual Assistant? Virtual Assistant is an on-line service where you undertake simple administrative tasks (carry out administrative work for customers) from the comfort of your home, office or other location. Virtual assistants are in great demand because they cost much less than hiring an actual full-time worker (FTEs) and there are virtually no geographic restrictions. Companies are seeking administrative assistants with knowledge of a wide range of skills from writing to web design, data entry and many more. For companies who are looking to save on administrative costs, but who lack expertise in certain areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), website maintenance, social media marketing and copywriting, a Virtual Assistant could be just the solution.

There are many companies that recruit administrative assistants and pay them on a per-project or commission basis. There are also virtual assistants who can work independently offering specialized services such as link building, content creation, accounting and data entry. Some of the common administrative assistant jobs offered online are web design, SEO, social media assistant, data entry, graphic design, article writing, bookkeeping, and payroll administration. Since virtual assistants work from their own homes, they can set their own schedules and choose the type of projects they want to work on.

Web design is one area that most virtual assistants excel in. They are skilled in conceptualizing and crafting a website that will increase a company’s online presence and bring in clients. They use a variety of programs and software to make websites for their clients and optimize them for search engines. Web design assistants also take care of all aspects of advertising and marketing a website. This includes creating advertisements and designing promotional material for a company’s website.

Many virtual assistant jobs these days involve social media work. Many people do not know how to use social media to promote their business effectively. The advantage of having a social media strategy is that it helps you build a following or a team of followers. Social media sites include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Many virtual assistants create profiles for their clients and keep track of followers’ comments and questions. They answer questions, post comments and change their profile’s settings accordingly.

If a person is looking to start a virtual assistant business, he or she must have good computer skills. These skills include editing video and photos, creating PDFs and editing documents. A person with good typing skills and database management skills may also be hired. Most virtual assistants work from home so they are usually on a flexible schedule. They may have occasional nights off but most of the time they work seven days a week.

When running a virtual assistant business, it is essential that a person has excellent interpersonal skills. Communication between clients and the VA should be efficient and smooth. It is also important that he or she knows how to manage time effectively. It takes time to build a clientele. It takes time to build up a team of VA’s who do all the work for their clients.

In order to be an effective virtual assistance, one must have some computer skills. Since most VA’s work from home, a person must have internet and computer access. Good computer and internet skills are needed when answering phones or completing assignments. Other computer skills are needed when working with clients and when completing other tasks.

The typical duties of a virtual assistant are to provide administrative, social, marketing and finance support to their clients. Some virtual assistants even provide live help. This type of service is usually called “telecommuting” by many companies. Since a person becomes a virtual assistant once, it is possible for them to become certified and even have a business license if that is what they desire.

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