The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Written by Jvalin Sonawala


Many people think of Virtual Assistants as telemarketers who call all the time. That’s not entirely true. These professionals are self-employed workers and they have their own office and work on their own hours. They can be found virtually in every major metropolitan area and there is a wide selection of skills these workers possess. Virtual Assistants (VA’s) are independent workers and they help small businesses with business development, administrative, social media, networking or any number of tasks. The service industry has benefited the most from the employment of virtual assistants helping to ease the stress on small businesses across the country.

virtual assistant

Most small businesses are small and struggling to keep their heads above water. They need administrative tasks performed on a routine basis and virtual assistants do them for a small fee. They can be very flexible in what administrative tasks they assign to a client. Many times a client will give the task of editing an article for an article submission website to a VA. They can make that assignment come to fruition without having to lift a finger.

What about salary? It varies. Some VA’s make six figures a year while others make a few hundreds of dollars per hour. No one can predict how long a virtual assistant will stay with a company or how many hours per week they will spend working. But most of them are committed to their business full-time and make a reasonable amount of money. If you want to get started in the administrative field there is no better time than now.

So where should you start when considering hiring virtual assistant services? Start with your favorite search engine. Type in “virtual assistant services” or “business owner” and check out the hits. You will find listings for several different types of businesses such as accounting, legal, medical transcription, human resources, and many more. These types of companies all have one thing in common: They need people to do administrative tasks that can be extremely tedious.

Virtual assistants are a great choice for small businesses or individuals who are on a budget but still desire quality services. They can help entrepreneurs complete daily tasks such as making phone calls, sending email responses, writing business documents, and updating social media sites. Some virtual assistants offer training for new clients and advice about finding online jobs. For those who are already established businesses, it is easy to find assistant job listings online.

As I said before, these are only a few options out there. But one of the perks of using an agency is that they are experienced in dealing with many different businesses. This means that you are much less likely to encounter problems with the decision-making process. And many agencies offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. That means you don’t lose anything if you are not happy with their services.

As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring virtual assistants. For small businesses and individuals on a budget, they are a great alternative to hiring a full-time employee. There is no need to provide benefits and they can work from home. The best thing about working with a virtual assistant is that they can do almost anything you want them to. Whether you need assistance completing your accounting, designing a website, writing articles, taking photos, or creating sales letters, virtual assistants can help you succeed in whatever you want to do.

If you own a small business and are frustrated by the constant cost of doing business, don’t feel alone. Help is available. You can hire an administrative assistant, a business partner, or even a full-time employee. Virtual assistants work for small businesses and executive assistants work for the larger businesses in which they are employed.

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