What is Content Writing

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What is Content Writing

Content writing is focused on content that informs, educates and entertains readers. they are familiar with online marketing tactics and and create contents for many channels like websites, blogs, videos, social media and emails.

It basically means writing the content with such keywords which are ranked higher on the related key words search on the SEO. We use keywords while doing google hence our content should be having such keywords so that our web page is highlighted in the search engine list.

SEO the very basis in digital marketing begins and ends with content writing. No Search Engine Optimisation is now a days complete without a solid content strategy. Now the question arises…..

Below mentioned details needs to be kept in mind while targeting content writing:

  1. What is content writing?
  2. What type of content can we publish on your blog or website?
  3. Decide upon the long term content strategy

Content Writing Pointers

Merely pushing the content will not give desired results. In order to write effective content we need take care of the below mentioned points:

  1. The main key word needs to appear on the title of the blog post or web page in content writing
  2. The same key word should be used in a scattered way as part of the whole of the content writing of your blog post or web page.
  3. One also needs to use alternative phrases, what they call as LSI keywords. LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing which are the related keywords to our main keywords. If you feel that there is over use of the main key words then we can use the LSI keywords instead to avoid repetition of the same keywords.
  4. Keywords should be used including LSI keywords within the (h1), (h2) and (h3) tag to put more emphasis on them.
  5. You need to be careful while using keywords including LSI keywords as ANCHOR TEXT (it is a clickable text in a hyperlink). SEO best practices involve that anchor text be relevant to the page you are linking to. It should not be a generic text.

Other than this the fundamental aspect of the content writing must always be its quality, its relevance to the topic of the post and the value addition it delivers to its users. In the absence of good quality content writing the very hope of getting good search engine rankings is not achieved.


Content Writing with SEO

As we have understood now that SEO is all about content writing….some key pointers to be kept in mind:

  1. SEO needs strategic use of keywords and search terms: There is a lot of advancement in technology in ranking the web pages and blogs…according to their true value. But still the keywords in the content plays a vital role. The best way to get the right keywords is strategic content writing.
  2. Social validation a need of the hour: With the increase usage of social validation many blog posts rank well due to social validation in spite that the content is not upto the mark. But this may not always be possible. For small business the only way one can get social validation is by quality content writing.
  3. Google search: In order to rank your website and individual links google needs content. If we don’t have good content then what will google rank. Hence here comes the importance of content writing.
  4. Search Task Accomplishment: This is a new emerging trend in the digital marketing world. Does your content solve the surfers need. A user should be able to find exactly what he is looking for in the content of your blog post. Google uses the algorithm technique to find whether the people are getting exactly what they  are looking for. If yes your ranking will increase if not then thee will be a downfall.


Finally without great content, one can never hope to enjoy good search engine rankings. Hence the importance of content writing in SEO cannot be denied if one has to survive in this fast developing digital marketing world.

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