What is Link Building

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What is Link Building

Link building as the word suggests is creating links to navigate to other web pages of relevance to the reader.  It is a hyperlink which is mainly called as a link is a way for the users to navigate between different web pages. They are like a web which enables the reader to crawl among different web pages and websites. There are many techniques for building the links and they vary in difficulty. However link building is considered to be the hardest part of the job of an SEO. And the one who masters it will remain at the top of the charts in the web rankings.

There is a right way and a wrong way of doing to build links to your website. If you want a long term benefit from this tool then one must focus on the process of earning links rather than buying them or otherwise achieving them through wrong and manipulative tactics which is also known as the Black Hat SEO which is a kind of a practice which may lead to your website being banned.

Organic link building is thus difficult and  time consuming. Not all the links created are equal. A link created for e.g. from a wall street journal will have a greater impact  on your rankings then a link from a small or a newly built website. Hence one needs to be careful while creating these links and must ensure that the Google guidelines are not violated at any cost

What is link building in SEO

We need to understand the basic of how a link is created in order to understand the importance of link building. How the search engines sees the links and how are they interpreted.

There are two fundamental ways the search engine uses links;

To discover new web pages and to help to determine how well a page should rank in the results A search engine crawls over the web pages and then extracts pages and then add to their indexes. By using this technique they decide whether a particular page is of good quality and its contents are of a quality to be ranked well for keywords .

When they are analyzing this they not only check whether the page is having a good content but also check if the hyperlinks available on the page are of relevance and of good quality and as per the norms set by google. Hence the more high quality website the more likely you are to get a good ranking on the search engine

One of the Google founders Larry Page invented the Page Rank method which google used in the late 90s to measure the quality of a page based on the number of links pointing in it. The metric was later used as the basis of overall ranking algorithm and became a very good tool to determine the web page quality

However soon SEO discovered the ways to manipulate PageRank and search results Hence google started finding ways to discover websites  which were not capable to be ranked and were manipulating the main cause

Link building done with thoughtfulness gives us benefits of getting higher ranking  on the search engine. There are also backlinks. Are you aware about them ? It is a link from an external website to your website. If your web page consists of good content, more and more people will be sharing your website through different social media channels. More shares will create more linkbacks to your website.

Here are some benefits of link building;

Domain and page authority [DA/PA]

Are you aware how Google shows relevant data for a query? Google uses two factors ; domain authority and page authority to determine which web page should be displayed for the given query on the search engine. Hence if your webapage contains the keywords typed by the user then your website will who up on the list. The number of relevant links pointing back to your domain help in determining your domain authority. Quality and quantity of inbound links are together referred to as the page authority

Referral traffic

Have you wondered where is it that you are getting all this traffic on your website from? It is mostly because we are sharing the content on social media. When the content is a good quality content it is ranked on a trustworthy source. Hence when trustworthy engines like googl, Wikipedia etc show your results your website becomes trustworthy and hence we keep getting referral traffic

Brand visibility

Ever heard of guest posts? Do you know how they work? How do guest posts help get good quality backlinks?

Every guest posting website has a different set of online viewers. So every time you share a guest post on a new website, the chances of your brand visibility increasing are higher. Publishing sources and websites are always looking for new content that can draw visitors to their site.

When you share your content on such websites, not only do you get to advertise your brand and its usps, but even the publishing website gets to publish good quality content. This method is beneficial for both parties

Brand authority

Link building is a good way to make your brand become popular as a trustworthy website. Publishing genuine and good quality content and sustaining it for a longer period will give you a brand authority..

The more we share our content across other social media channel the more we get to know and attract new audience. Getting your content published in a renowned publication works in your favour, as users are assured that the content here is trustworthy and valuable to them.

Long-term benefits

Link building helps to give you long term benefits. Unlike traditional marketing tactics it does not require constant investment in every business campaign.

Hence more backlinks will help you attract more traffic. We need to  remember that link building is an ongoing process, and every link built contributes to a more credible website in the future.

Better conversion rate

There are many influencers belonging to different industries, having a different set of audiences.

When influencers share your content, it becomes visible to a huge set of audience instantly. And because it is trustworthy mediums you get more rankings and business. This can have a great impact on your business

We hope you’re a little more familiar with the benefits of link building and why link building is important. What you aren’t using it? Then do contact and be ready to reap the benefits of link building in today’s competitive digital marketing world !!!

Link Building is the backbone of your SEO campaigns and should be given utmost importance. It should start right after your website gets live.
Jvalin Sonawala – Founder & CEO – Site Analyticz


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