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Who is a Travel Blogger

A person who wants to become a travel blogger obviously should be the one who loves to travel and explore new places. He is the one who wanders round the different places and collect information about the place in order to guide the people or you can say the audience who will be reading his blogs. He earns income through the mediums of offline and online sources. Many people are found taking an year off leave from their jobs writing down their experiences and again re-joining their jobs

What is a professional Travel Blogger:

As such any one can start a blog and become a Travel Blogger; but standing out in the crowd is what that matters. However a person who earns most of his income from blogging can be termed as a professional travel blogger. There is one simple rule which needs to be followed to become a successful Blogger,” Readers come first, money comes later”. Hence instead of asking a travel blogger how he makes money, the question to be asked is,” How do you build the audience’.

Points to be considered to become a Travel Blogger:

  1. Pick a blogs name
  2. Set up your blog
  3. Write regularly and well in order to attract and sustain the audience
  4. Pick up the most popular social media platform
  5. Make up a mailing list
  6. Content should be enough to satisfy the Reader

How to get the traffic to your travel blog

  1. One has to learn some good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques
  2. Become a member of blogger community
  3. Do thorough research about the content of the blog
  4. What points are to be covered in the blog
  5. Research to make your blog different then others in order to attract maximum audience.

Do’s and Don’t’s of Travel Blogging:

‘Well begun is half done’. 

A good blog post starts with qualitative and attractive content. A must to attract readers and to sustain them. Blogger needs to research well to find out what kind of content the readers would like to read on the travel blog.

Travel Blog Do’s

  • Focus on key words
  • Apply a professional approach
  • Get a domain of your own name and get a decent and attractive website designed
  • Do not go by others success and try to follow their, he needs to create his own trend and style
  • Relevant and attractive titles
  • Most important information to be highlighted and to be mentioned on the first page
  • Internal links to be create to lead to the readers to other relevant websites
  • Navigation to be made easy
  • Social share buttons to be enabled on the website
  • Analyse the statistics and work to improve SEO

Travel blog Dont’s

  • Repetition to be avoided of the same pattern and keywords
  • Don’t overuse keywords
  • Internal links should not be to low quality websites
  • Images to be compressed to smaller sizes and images
  • Exact copy paste from other websites not to be done
  • Information having no relevance to the post should not be mentioned
  • Never try to  mislead the Readers

Hence jumping into travel blogging without proper planning is an investment of time and perhaps money. Without investment one does not get rewards.

Things might be challenging initially but with consistent efforts and proper planning and structure formation success can be achieved.

[av_dropcap1]A[/av_dropcap1]ll the best and happy travel blogging..

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