Youtube Marketing and its benefits

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Youtube Marketing and its Benefits

You Tube….the word today needs no introduction. 

It is the second largest internet Search Engine which has the capability to increase your SEO and brand presence. Hence Youtube Marketing turns out to be very much beneficial to your business due vast exposure to unlimited audiences. It can be used to launch a product, depicts the personalised benefits and monitor the feedback of its viewers.

With the years going bye and the advancement in technology the marketers needs to keep them updated with the developing world of social media and internet. These advancement can either be a blessing or in turn out to be a hurdle in your progress if not used properly.

Earlier marketing used to be easy but now since loads of information and content is available at your fingertips thing can be incredibly competitive. Creating good content and ads that engage and attract viewers had given an entirely new meaning to its consumers and the marketers both. Now you cannot entice an audience with just a sales pitch.

You tube is the most simple, more direct and easy medium to display your content through a video. A 15 seconds video having all the content and relevant information rather than a full page of advertisement in a newspaper. It also has the option to upload videos satisfied customers who are recommending your product. This definitely influences new buyers. For prospective customers nothing influences more than an honest feedback from a satisfied customer.

Youtube Marketing and Its Benefits

Youtube is a very cost effective medium to grow your business and one must be aware about all the benefits of using it in order to take full benefits. Having said that listed below are 10 important benefits of using youtube

1. Capture large audience

With the increase usage of smart phones we are able to reach larger number of audiences and You Tube is a very popular medium amongst the social media. Hence it reaches billions of people at a time and at any time. It is available in 76 languages and in 17 countries so covering a large amount of audiences. Exposure for marketing is huge is used properly

2. Easy to search

Google owns You Tube thus the chances to get a higher ranking in the search engine results page will be higher. One can easily surpass its competitors with higher search engine results. With you tube as a marketing strategy we allow more authority towards our website. Hence higher the authority higher will be the search results

To get good results you need to make your You Tube Channel similar to your domain name. This tell Google that your YouTube channel is an official link to your brand’s website.  

This will tell Google that your YouTube channel is an official link to your brand’s website. This will also increase the relevance when someone searches for your brand or anything associated with you.

3. Demonstration leads to better customer engagement

Creating tutorial videos and videos using satisfied customers will being in more credibility and trust towards audiences. It will better understanding about the USP’s of your product clearly

4. Recreate your content

You always have an to option to adapt different methods of presenting your content on the website like animation, presentations, video series etc. You can create recreate your own style of presentation taking in to consideration customer demand and popularity 

5. Better customer engagement:

Videos create a good connect and a hands-on-feel to its viewers. Customers can leave their comments and views in the comment section which itself results into data analysis of you’re your videos are getting response from the customers. Videos now a days are available with several features also in order to attract the attention of it viewers,  

6. Attract more traffic

YouTube being a very popular channel and also linked with Google will give rise to increase in traffic. More visitors more inquiries and subsequently more business.

7. Creativity with originality:

It give you the option to recreate your content and also use creativity in your videos. Videos with creativity and originality both will give you good results in engaging the viewers.

8. Medium of promotion and launch:

Once you successful to grab the attention of your viewers. You will be having a bunch of followers who will be keen to watch your next upload. A lot of business houses use the medium of YouTube to upload their promotional videos for new product launch or upcoming events. This definitely increase participation and attention of the masses. It helps to increase the revenue and sales of the products.

9. Use YouTube ads

With the use of Google AdWords for Video, you can advertise on the videos that your audience are most likely to watch. The greatest advantage of AdWords for Video is that you need to pay only for engaged views. Engaged views are when the viewer watches your ad for at least 30 seconds. If your video is skipped, you do not need to pay for anything. It is cost effective in a way.

10. Cross-platform marketing

YouTube videos have the option to get shared on other websites. More and more share will led to increased audience and exposure. Chances to get instant business and inquiries increases hence resulting into more business.

These are just a few of the many benefits of using YouTube in your marketing strategies. It is evident that YouTube has proven to be a very efficient and effective marketing tool. However is involves lot of time, research, and effort of trial and error to understand what type of video content works best for your business before you could fully feel the benefits of using YouTube for marketing purposes. One has to closely monitor its results and the chances of improvement to reap the fruits of success.

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