3 Reasons Why Asus Vivo M Series Deserves a Place on Your Gaming Desktops

Written by Jvalin Sonawala


A gaming desktop, also referred to as a game console, is an expensive personal computer specifically designed for gaming. Unlike the regular laptops used for personal computing, game consoles have specialized processors with custom design. They are usually high-end systems, with hundreds of gigabytes of memory. Game consoles are usually different from regular laptops in terms of hardware and software. This article will focus on laptops for gamers.

gaming desktops

Laptops are portable computers that can be used either for business or pleasure. However, laptops are expensive compared to desktop computers. Most laptop manufacturers bundle a large amount of RAM with the laptops when it is released in the market. As a result, the price of a laptop depends largely on the amount of RAM that is integrated into it. Higher the RAM, higher the price of the laptop.

Due to the increased popularity of game consoles, several custom desktop computers based on these consoles are released in the market. The most popular game consoles are Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Play Station 3 and Play Station Portable. These game consoles are based on advanced technology and require high-end compute power, large hard drives, fast memory, and fast graphics cards. Due to the use of powerful and complex compute devices, they are priced very high.

The gaming pcs have increased in popularity because they are portable, affordable, and can easily connect to the Internet. In order to increase the performance of the gaming PCs, many PC manufacturers design their own custom desktop computers with powerful processors and graphic cards. Advanced laptop processors have almost the same amount of power as desktop processors. Thus, if you want to experience the ultimate gaming experience, you should get your own gaming pcs.

One of the most popular features that many people are looking for in gaming desktops is RGB lighting. RGB lighting has become extremely popular among PC gamers because it makes the gaming experience more vivid and realistic. PC gaming is all about having the best accessories and equipment. If you have a gaming PC with RGB LED, then you can experience the ultimate in pc gaming.

Many gaming desktops desktop models come equipped withbuilt-in sound system. For those who love listening to music or enjoy streaming videos, then this feature is definitely worth having. Some laptops come with a built-in speaker system while others require that you attach external speakers. A built-in sound system is definitely one of the best gaming laptops to have. With better sound quality, you will definitely feel like you’re in the movies or games.

When you want to customize your desktop or laptop PC, then customizing it with advanced technologies such as Intel HD Graphics or ATI RV dashboard is definitely one of the best options. These graphics cards are very powerful and can help improve the performance of your PC. Some of the latest desktop designs of these cards feature two built-in graphic cards – an iDRIVE and an HDMI. An iDRIVE is usually purchased with a specific purpose in mind. An example of an iDRIVE card would be the Solid State Drive or Solid State drives which are capable of storage up to 1 terabyte.

When you’re looking for the ideal gaming desktop, then one of the best options to check out would be the Asus Vivo M series which boasts of powerful components such as four gigabit network interface with built-in graphics and a large collection of features. This desktop also features a built-in cooling fan which allows fans to run at a cooler temperature for better performance from your CPU. These PCs generally vary in price, but they generally start at around $500. Due to their powerful specifications, these PCs are well known within the gaming community and they’ve been used as stand-alone computers as well as being added to a laptop.

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