How to Integrate Social Media Marketing With Your Instagram Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Written by Jvalin Sonawala


The folks over at Instagram have come up with some handy Instagram marketing strategies for small businesses. It is no secret that a lot of small businesses need a bit of help when it comes to getting their names out there. The more exposure that you can get for your small business the better off you will be. Here are some tips that you can use for right now on Instagram.

instagram marketing for small businesses

Along the way, many small businesses have learned some top marketing tips for businesses and handmade goods as to what actually does work on the Instagram platform and what does not work. The first tip to branding your small business on Instagram is making sure that you are an official account. There are many people who post on this social platform without being sanctioned by the company in some cases. That is what is going to lead to a lot of non-followers and zero engagement from followers and customers.

Branding yourself through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook is a must. When you start a new page on these two sites, you should definitely go into action by setting up a profile that speaks to your audience. Think about a username and a short description that gets the point across. This is one of the most effective Instagram marketing tips for small businesses. If you do not know what you are doing, you will not get any brand awareness out of it.

Another helpful tip that small businesses can use to make the most of their Instagram marketing efforts is to upload a series of visuals that are directly related to the products that your small business sells. You may have a blog or website with articles and visuals that promote your products. Now is the time to put them to good use! One of the things that you will find is that Instagram users are more likely to share visual content than text content. If you can create a video of your product or service, this will work even better. Remember to be creative in the design and style of your videos.

Another great way to engage with followers on this platform is to post unique and engaging content on your sidebar. Think of something fun or surprising that you have found while looking at Instagram. For instance, if you saw a cute photo of a puppy that you would love to promote, simply take a screen capture of the photo, and then upload it to your Instagram account. Encase the URL in your URL bar so that your followers can click on it and visit your site. There are a number of other simple things that you can do in order to increase engagement on this social networking platform. If you want to learn more, you can look through Instagram tutorials that will show you exactly how to engage users in this manner.

There are a variety of other small businesses that can benefit from the use of these two popular social media platforms. Many times, companies need an outlet to interact with their customers, but they don’t have the budget to advertise on traditional media platforms. However, by advertising on Instagram and Twitter, businesses can connect with their customers and build strong customer relationships. They can also give away free stuff and attract free traffic to their websites. If you haven’t taken advantage of these platforms, now is the time to jump into the game!

Instagram Marketing for small businesses is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness among fans and followers. This interactive platform offers a great opportunity to increase your visibility and market your products or services at a low cost. Branding on Instagram is especially critical during holiday seasons when most consumers are on vacation and won’t be able to look up your company’s website in the search engines. A well-designed Instagram marketing strategy will not only allow you to connect with your customers, but also make them aware of your products and services.

It’s important to remember that an effective Instagram marketing strategy should not only incorporate engagement, but should also provide tools to track visitor engagement and data from the feed to better understand who is engaging with your brand. By offering users the ability to export photos and videos, you can also gain valuable insights on what users are searching for, when they’re searching and what they’re looking for. Instagram analytics tools are available, but they can take up valuable space on your mobile device. If you’re not using Instagram yet, now is the time!

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