Web Hosting For WordPress: Why Is It Better Than Shared Hosting?

Written by Jvalin Sonawala


Free web hosting for WordPress is an excellent choice to build a basic blog on WP for minimal learning curve. However, you can always learn more about web hosting, related technical matters yourself before deciding on cheap web hosting service. However, if you’re in a business or want to work with higher end applications like WordPress, you should always go for paid web hosting as opposed to free web hosting. The main reason is because you want to be able to use advanced features like MySQL cache, PHP MySQL functions and other prerequisites of your server. Also, by paying a fee for web hosting, you can get better uptime for your website, and thus be able to improve your business through more visitors and downloads.

web hosting for WordPress

Now that you have your domain name and sub-domain, you can now move on to building your site. For most people building a site usually means having to use one of two things – either free web hosting for WordPress or a good FTP (file transfer protocol) service that provides 1-click installation of WordPress. With either choice, your site’s uptime will depend mostly on the speed of your internet connection and how often you upload new files. If you use a good FTP service with good uptime, you’ll probably never need to worry about this.

The issue with using a free hosting service for your WordPress blog is that they are pretty much unusable in a timely manner. When it comes down to it, no matter how much you plan to build your online business based around WordPress, no matter how advanced it is, you’ll only be able to use it at maximum speed when you have a good Internet connection. Therefore, if you don’t have a speed testing tool for your free web hosting service, your WordPress blog could crash at any time. And who wants to deal with that?

Most hosting companies that offer free web hosting for WordPress also offer pop3 scripts that can be used to run various ad campaigns on your blog. These ads are usually served from script files called “flashads”. Many of these ads are sponsored by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ad-Aware and other prominent search engines. The problem is that even though they are sponsored ads, they tend to be highly annoying and intrusive for your visitors. This is especially true if you have pop3 enabled in your cpanel settings.

Pop3 scripts can crash your website as well because they read the wrong things from your database. The most important MySQL functions such as DELETE, TRUNCATE and UPSAGE are always used by pop3 scripts to open and close various connections. In addition, MySQL’s streaming feature uses sockets for each request to connect to MySQL and for this reason, it takes up a lot of bandwidth and memory resources. If your web space is limited and you do not wish to pay for any more web space, then you must go for a paid web hosting for WordPress plan. On top of all the ads and pop3 scripts, you also have to deal with an inferior support system. That is why we would recommend that you go for a better web hosting for WordPress plan that offers better support and superior security features such as securely uploading and editing images and other media.

You can also avoid many problems by signing up for a managed hosting often known as dedicated hosting often abbreviated as DMZ. A managed hosting often offers great features such as unlimited bandwidth and MySQL databases and the above mentioned features along with a lot of other features like security features, great web template themes and an easy to use interface. However, there is one major drawback when you sign up for a managed web hosting often known as DMZ plan. That is that it comes at a much higher price than other plans since it comes with a large number of limitations.

You should go for a standard web hosting often referred to as shared web hosting for WordPress instead of going for managed hosting often abbreviated as DZ web host. This plan is offered by numerous companies at very affordable rates. However, it also comes with limited support provided by the web host company. Since the support and services provided are very minimal, the customers who sign up for this plan rarely complain about anything at all. In fact, the most common reason why the users upgrade their web host from shared web hosting to this plan is because they find better and cheaper plans offered by other companies. The users can easily switch over to a better plan without any major problem.

Therefore, in order to ensure that you will get the most out of your investment, we suggest that you go for the best hosting provider that can offer you unlimited bandwidth and web space for your WordPress blog. With the help of a great web hosting for WordPress service provider, you can enjoy faster loading of your website, higher visibility in search engines, greater customer satisfaction, as well as higher page rankings on search engines. We always aim to offer our clients the best hosting service at affordable prices and in the best conditions. To ensure that you have made the right decision while investing in a web hosting for WordPress plan, make sure you take the time to compare the different plans that are available online.

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