Digital Marketing for Aerospace Industry

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Digital Marketing for Aerospace Industry

Global statistics reveal that digital marketing will be reaching another $100 billion in growth in a couple of years. Aerospace industry is engaged in research, development and manufacture of flight vehicles including unpowered gliders and sailplanes, lighter than air craft, air balloons . These products either purchased or leased are not affordable to every person. Hence selling and leasing such products requires excellent marketing tools.  Are you the one still using your old ways for marketing your aviation company? If yes then it’s time to change your marketing techniques immediately. You have to stay with the current market trends otherwise you will be lagged behind in the race.

  1. Having mobile presence:

Having a mobile presence is inevitable for any industry now. Mobile friendly websites is a must as people tend to surf more on mobile phones rather then any other electronic device. People do bookings mostly via mobile phones now hence to have a good mobile app or a mobile friendly website is a must. It should be designed in a way that the user is able to surf easily on the mobile and also do the bookings very conveniently. You can also get a mobile aap designed which is the most  popular in digital marketing. The app should be designed in a way that it is capable to be installed in all versions of smart phones.

  1. Mobile search optimisation:

Once you are done with the designing of the website and making it user and mobile friendly next thing is to establish accelerated mobile pages. If you are not sure of the same then Google provides a free mobile friendliness tool to test your site’s mobile pages. It should be a personalized experience and the user will search with the help of keywords which will be related to the questions he is having in his mind. Once you are through with the search then you should be able to make out the questions and concern the visitor is having and answering them in the best possible manner. This will lead to more traffic on your website.

  1. Optimise your SEO:

Search Engine Optimisation or as it well known as SEO is a very important element that helps your website to rank higher on relevant searches on GOOGLE,BING etc. The more research the audience does it is more likely that the visitors will be searching to buying, leasing or chartering a jet plane. Your goal should be as to when the visitor searches on the website the content he is looking for will appear on the page with all the relevant information. Website architecture, links to your website, website domain security, content structure are some of the points to be considered at the time of website designing as these are the basis of your SEO results.

  1. Leading pages on the website

Getting visitors on the website is just a beginning. You need to have content such that you keep them engaged so that learn more. This tends to happen when the visitor lands on the first page of the website on his initial search. This page will be leading the visitor to other pages which are deeper into the sales funnel. Thus these pages not only needs to be attractive but also actionable in the sense that the visitor is forced to surf further for more details. A contact form fetching details of the customer can also be a part of this landing page where you get the customer details for future reference. Rates and offers in comparison to other competitors should also be a part of your website.

  1. Optimise your Email Marketing

Once applying your above mentioned landing technique you get to gather a list of email ids. But if this email list is not utilised properly then all the efforts done to collect them will be in vain. The aviation industry is a home to some of the longest sales funnel in the entire economy. To make this happen you need to pay attention to how to optimise your email marketing. If you don’t be at the top of their mind soon you will be out of consideration. You need to first of all BUILD AN EMAIL PLAN as what will be content of the email to interest and satisfy the reader, Segment your email list based on the characteristic such as income, geographic location etc of the customers.. PLAN OUT THE SCHEDULE…..as to when the emails are sent and maintain its regularity and lastly, treat every response email strategically and on priority.

  1. Optimising your jet marketing efforts

Marketing for any high value product is not easy rather it’s all the more challenging. Sale of luxury jet markets is growing faster than before but it is not utilizing the SEO and other social media to the optimum. With a proper comprehensive plan of action combining all the above tips you can increase your sales and presence in the digital market.

  1. Visual content marketing

Buying a private jet and other aerospace services is not every ones cup of tea. It is more of an emotional purchase, a status symbol and opportunity to show off your luxury. You need to encash this feeling to increase your sales. Hence videos, photos which show this emotional connect rather than only simple text. The content should make sense and deliver your core value in a way that your audience appreciates your work. These videos should be shared on all social media platforms regularly and feedback whatsoever received should be collected and answered promptly.

YouTube channel showing tutorial videos of how to use these different aircraft and customer’s videos having fun filled experience will leave a very good impact on the mind of the viewers. Safety measures taken at the time of emergency also should be a part of these videos to create a sense of responsibility in the mind of the audience. Number of subscriptions and likes you get on these videos will help you identify how popular is your channel and services. Also the comments mentioned below the videos should not be neglected. Feedback positive and negative both should be answered without fail.

  1. Identify your audience

Since you are dealing in luxury good you need to identify from where you can target your audience. Which geographic area can you target and what is the basic reason of theirs to buy an aircraft. What are the emotional and rational reasons for the audience to lease your aircraft and last but not the least what does your audience desire and interest beyond this industry. By studying your customer well you will be able to plan your marketing plan accordingly and get good results as knowing your customer is the best marketing plan.

  1. Automated Chat bots

Chatbots are more relevant and in use now in almost all the areas of digital marketing. They are available 24/7 and are feeded with auto answers to their visitors concerns. Best thing about this is they pop up immediately when one visits the website and guide the customer further. They also help in lead generation and once further inquiries are done these Chatbots work as data base to deal with the customer.

  1. Personalised Marketing

Giving a personalized touch in your services works wonders. Once your customer inquiries about your product or service you should never miss to remain in touch with the customer. Calling and explaining the customer, sending mailers with services provided so far, sharing videos of satisfied customers, showing visual demos to the customer etc. These efforts will leave an impact on the customers mind and will make him feel important. It will also help to win customers loyalty. You can also offer a free ride to the customer for an experience

Now you may also think why do we need these marketing tactics?

The world today is a world of digital revolution and for an aerospace industry selling such expensive product cannot survive without digital marketing. Competition is increasing day by day and every day new developments are coming in the field of digital marketing. To sustain yourself here you need to keep yourself updated and keep updating your marketing plans as and when need be as per the changing trends. Some budget needs to be kept aside for marketing and a specialised team to be engaged to look after and monitor its success. It is to be well understood that no matter how good your product and services are you cannot survive without marketing your product. The trend is to show off your unique selling points and bring awareness about it in the mind of your customers.

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