Digital Marketing for Fashion Industry

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Digital Marketing for Fashion Industry

Every fashion brand cannot survive without an effective and marketing strategy. A well planned strategy helps you to survive in the competition and stay afloat in the treacherous sea of e Commerce. Digital marketing the biggest medium for the world of fashion industry. Currently more and more people are using online shopping as the medium of buying due to its benefits and services they provide. Thus to survive in this cut throat competition the businessmen needs to be very vigilant and careful while planning the strategy in order to get best results.

Change is inevitable and the biggest example of this is increased trend of buying clothes online and closure of physical stores across the countries which is contradictory to fashion segment and the buying pattern going on since years. This shows that change is constant to sustain in the same one needs to be proactive with the changing trends. Today’s world of eCommerce has gradually picked up the pace and is increasing at fast going rate. As the fashion trends change overnight so digital marketing gives better options rather more variety for which the customers just need to surf rather than visiting personally to the shops.

Listed below are 10 digital marketing tips which we can utilise to plan our course of action

1.Well designed website :

User friendly, fast, attractive and well-designed website is the key factor for any Company’s profitability. Designing of the website should be in a way where the user is able to use it both on the mobile as well as any other electronic platform.

Websites are the veins of business where the blood should flow properly or the heart will stop beating; similarly the websites should be customer centric and eye-catching where it becomes necessary to visit at least once. The content of the website should be planned in a way that the website gets good ranking on the search engine and you are able to get more and more visitors on the website. As the website is related to fashion industry it is needless to say it should look attractive. Navigations, filters, full page view etc should be easily accessible for any users.

2. Mobile friendly 

Once your website is designed you need to take utmost care that it is easily accessible on all types and versions of mobile phones as today people tend to surf more on mobiles rather than on desktops, laptops etc.  This will also help you get more users and get more and more clicks on the websites. On the other hand as most of the companies have mobile apps installing of which on the phones needs to enter customers basic details of mobile number and email ids  because of which you can get the details of the customer in order to get in touch for future marketing pitch and leads.

3. Use social media

The connect with the social media not only gets you into touch with large amount of audience but also increase in sale. Various social media platforms have proven that people run a successful business through this medium. This gives you an idea to portray your taste to the masses and get a genuine feedback about your product. Currently every second person in the population is using a smart phone and is active on social media where he spends some time of his day without fail. Regular posts on latest discount or festive offers on the social media will help you get more and more eye balls and visitors on your website which will lead to good business. If the Company is doing good on social media it even gets word to mouth publicity which indirectly increases more audience and turn in good sales.

4 Attach an influencer

 Fashion industry cannot prosper without a good and a well-known influencer. Rather we can say fashion and brand ambassador go hand in hand. Fashion industry is the biggest industry which runs with the help of celebrities endorsing their creations. Thus to pick well known influencer whose words leave an impact on the buyers is a must. For those who don’t know, influencers are people who have large fan following and belong to well-known industries like films, sports, politics etc. Their word of mouth has lot of impact on the people’s buying choice. Regular posts of these influencers wearing your products and speaking about them will help boost sales.

5. Take advantage of latest Technologies

 Current development in the world of technology has brought a technological revolution. Technology is replacing humans in many fronts and you need to make use of this to help your customers. The latest and best example of this are Chatbots; they are available 24/7 to guide your customers visiting your websites and in case they are not able to guide them further the customer will be leaded to a human customer are representative. Since online shopping has the advantage of availability of 24/7 these chatbots will help guiding your customers through. Hence while you are designing your websites and mobile apps these latest features of Artificial Intelligence should be utilized.

6 Personalised Approach

Purchases are influenced by personal approach. It has been proven by our traditional selling techniques where the shop keepers approach to his customers influences the buyer to buy the product he has chosen and also some times to buy more then decided just because of the approach of the sales person attending him. In the digital marketing world this job is done by the personalised mails, messages with their names. Consumers now a days want the whole approach to be personalised. They want that the seller not only knows what are his preferences but also that the content of the mail and messages to be of his interest. Sending mailers and messages on birthdays and anniversaries also helps creating a personalised touch and makes the customers feel their importance.

7. Upsell to existing customers

The beauty of digital marketing is that you can re target your existing customers/visitors for your new products. Satisfied customers can be soft targets in this where the chances to resell gets higher. Remarketing gives more brank exposure, better success ratio and higher conversion rates. Efforts required for selling an existing customer are lesser then to pitch a new customers.

8.Visuals to show it all

Visuals form a very important part for any fashion Company. The videos, pictures uploaded should be of good quality and perfect by all aspects. Blurr images and shaky videos will create a bad impression of the brand If it is uploaded then it is meant to be seen. It depicts your brand and quality, which definitely influences the customer’s decision to buy. Content again is equally important, the video should contain all the details of the product and the pictures uploaded should show the USP of your product in order to grab the attention of the customer at the first visit.

9. Start a Blog

Another effective technique which is getting popular day by day. Any digital marketing agency will ask you to start a blog post which contains all details of your products. New updates, latest trends with some good pictures and navigations to your website will help you get more audience. These can be in the form of regular posts and can be circulated more when there are any discount festivals going on. Content again is important which needs to be accurate, to the point and not much lengthy as the readers might lose interest and would not like to read the next post.

10. Contest Giveaways

Contests are like icing on the cake for the customers. They help us attract more customers when it comes launching new customers or even when you want to clear a lot of old items with some discounts. Contests or any other kind of rewards definitely helps to boost up sales. It also helps collecting data base as the contest will need to fill in a form where in customer contact details will be a part of the form. Hence same bunch of customer can be a part of future marketing campaigns.

So friends all the above or some of the tips can do wonders for your business. You need to make a wise choice out of the list and keep changing the strategies from time to time as per the changing trend and customer requirement. A set of team members should specially be assigned this task to closely monitor the outcome of a particular marketing plan. This might seem to be a little expensive initially looking at the cost aspect but due to increase use of online purchasing current expenses incurred in digital marketing will help you earn  huge profits if implemented smartly and tactfully. We as digital marketers will help you achieve desired results in cost effective budget. Some of the links related to our earlier work is attached below Hope to hear from you soon !!!

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