Digital Marketing For Beauty Industry

Digital Marketing For Beauty Industry

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Digital Marketing For Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is growing at a fast pace is reported to have reached $532 billion and is on a rapid upward trend. Cosmetics and personal care products will continue to get more and more benefits from social media due to its increased use. Vloggers uploading beauty-related videos on YouTube and Facebook and other platforms are getting more and more likes and shares. People are becoming more and more fashion and beauty conscious and today everybody wants to look picture perfect in all their photos uploaded on various social media platforms.

Thus to survive and sustain itself in this cutthroat competition beauty industry needs to change keep and a watch on its marketing strategies to follow the trend going on .

Here are 10 digital marketing tips which you can use to keep pace in the competition

  1. Unique Logo

Your Company’s logo is like the face of your Company. As we see Google, coca-cola, Maybelline, Nike, Adidas etc all have a unique logo and the brand itself is recognised by the logo rather than the name of the Company. This clearly establishes the importance of a logo in any business promotion. A good attractive logo will be representing the brand as it will be shown on all your advertisements and will leave a memory in the minds of the customers. To create a memorable cosmetic business logo that is worthy of representing your company in a competitive market.

  1. Using Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc are the new marketplaces which are in trend. They are virtual markets where you can sell your products aggressively and also are cost-effective. What you need to do is to create a webpage and post regular updates on them to attract more and more customers. Offers, new products, product combos offered should be highlighted to grab the attention of the viewers. There should be links available on the page to further visit your website for more details for the visitor.

  1. Influencers

Influencers are the latest trend for any industry to sell their products online. Using celebrities to endorse your products is in vogue. Uploading videos, having television advertisements, posting pictures of the celebrities using and applying your products creates a huge impact on the audience and it definitely influences their purchase. Posting videos showing reviews about the new product launch on YouTube and other mediums is a very successful attention grabber.

  1. Run contests on social media

Running a contest is a very simple and subtle way to promote your product without actually advertising it. Running contests on social media platforms will drive audience attention towards your product. To get maximum benefits you need to keep the contest simple and fun and offer giveaways to all the participants like free samples of your products. Ultimately this will not only give you the attention of the customer but also the customer can become a repeat customer as he will be using the free sample won in the contest. A good example of one such contest campaign: Dove, a popular soap brand recently started a “Real beauty should be shared” contest on Facebook. It was a fill-in-the-blank contest wherein users had to tell why their friends represent real beauty by filling in their friend’s name and things that make them a real beauty. The entrants got a chance of becoming the face of Dove which was to be printed on the Dove Soap case as a prize of contest  This was a brilliant branding campaign where Dove not only got a genuine face for marketing but also brought huge attention to its product

  1. Promote products on the social media community

Joining social media groups/communities relevant to your niche can also serve as a good way to spread awareness about your product. Your product promotion efforts in social media groups will implicitly bring better results since members are already interested in a similar product. Posting blogs, regular videos on the web page will keep your customers connected. But using this option one needs to be careful that the reviews, comments, concerns of the visitors are attended well else the whole concept will be a waste of effort. While providing the replies it is necessary that you need to be transparent and clear in your communication in order to build the trust of the customer.

  1. Beauty tutorials

This is the latest trend which has proven to be one of the biggest factors in the increase in the sale of beauty products. Female followers are found to be liking these tutorials a lot as it helps them to know the exact way to use the products. Hence you need to take the best advantage of this option. Regular video uploads on social media platforms grab a lot of attention from the viewers. In the tutorials, you can use well-known beauticians applying your products to a female and later once the work is complete Before and After pics to be shown to prove how effective the product is.

  1. Mobile friendly

Mobile applications, blogs, videos, pictures all should be easily accessible on mobile phones. It is a proven fact now that people are found surfing, shopping on mobile phones more than any other electronic device. Mobile applications should be designed in a way that the customers are easily able to view the product, its details and order them. Payment options and refund options should be in line with the competitors to sustain and provide customer satisfaction.

  1.  Email marketing

Everyone likes a personalised approach as they feel their importance. Since the customer registers himself while downloading mobile applications of your company you are already having his email ids. It can be utilised to contact the customer in future to notify him for new product launch, discount schemes running on etc. Wishing on birthdays, anniversaries will also give a personalised approach and make the customer feel his importance. Another good method to bind the customer for a longer period is to provide a special discount or free gift on birthdays and anniversaries.

  1. Promote your best content

Promote your best product and highlight the same in all your advertising and marketing campaigns. This will drive the attention of the buyers and help you sell the same more. Related videos of influencers and tutorials will make an addition to grab the attention of the masses. This is necessary as all the products of the Company may not be selling good and focusing on the best one definitely helps to improve sales.

  1. Dedicated customer service

No industry can survive without a good customer service department. Currently, Chatbots are gaining a lot of attention and almost all the industries that are into digital marketing are utilizing this option. As soon as a visitor visits on the website the Chatbots starts the conversation with the visitor and guides him through the surfing and in case he is not able to resolve the problem he guides the visitor to call the customer care number. Hence the customer does not have to wait for his concerns to get answered and gets immediate resolution.

Keeping in mind the above points, the fast-developing industry will surely reach new heights, you just need to monitor which out of the above tips work best for you or a mix of them. A dedicated team of employees needs to be employed who will be in charge of the job who will be responsible to report to the top management. Marketing is a continuous process which needs up-gradation as per changing trends and the choice of the customers.

We at Site analytics are here to help you to do your job well and in the best possible manner to your utmost satisfaction. Just call us and we will be happy to help you and your business reach new heights of prosperity

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