Marketing for Child Care Services

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Marketing for Child Care Services

Day by day the services and facilities that the child care centers provide are increasing. Earlier it was limited to a pre school type of module where the children used to stay for around 2 to 3 hours but not this has become wide service area. Day care centers are increasing in numbers and they too face competition in the same nearby area of locality. It is because now both the parents are working and they need good centers to look after their kid with best facilities and minimum rates. These days parents are not only looking for more convenience of the nearest service center and the one which provide best pick up and drop facilities.

Early education did not hold much importance in the past but now due to developments in the education areas and the IQ level of the kids early education is no more a neglected area. Now early education is an investment as it lays the foundation of the kids early learning years.

There was time when word of mouth was considered to me enough for a child care center to become popular and gain clients Earlier it was enough for a day care center to get flyers, business cards  printed and circulated around area of the center location. But now due to increased number of centers coming in you need to do something to stand apart of the lot. Hence here digital marketing comes to your help. Below listed are some of the tips to sustain in the competition.

  1. Attractive name and board

Name of your child care service centre should be catchy and the board related to your activities and kids. The flyers, posts, messages circulated should contain all the details of your centre including your contact details, timings and fees structure (if possible). The posts for new admissions  can also contain the pictures and uploads of the previous activities done in the school so that the new audience comes to know about its details and get interested.

  1. Post the cutest things

Personalised touch holds importance here also. The centre is meant for kids and what kids speak during the day holds a lot of importance for the parents who are missing their child. Hence taking small videos of the kids during the day and posting and tagging the parents to those video uploads will make the parents feel emotional and also make them feel that such minute things too are taken care of by the centre. It also shows that you are attentively listening to the child which will attract other prospective customers. Also the kids learning new things in terms of education too should be a part of uploads in order to show to the audience that the kids are learning in must fun filled way and are happy.

  1. Pin photos of the job work

All parents are always keen to know that their kid is doing. They will definitely like to see the kids work which is other than just coloring pictures. Doing some fun activities, playing with clay, reciting rhymes, trying to scribble and write at a later stage etc, this will definitely grab attention of every parent and rather they would wait for the next picture or video from the centre to get uploaded to check if there is anything related to his child in it. Later likes and shares of these uploads will help the centre to gain popularity and other parents will definitely like to inquire about your centre and  services.

  1. Keep the conversation on Facebook ongoing 

Make facebook your touch point for all your activities done in the center. All announcements of special activities and later their photos should be uploaded on the Facebook and appreciating the good work done by the kids. Comments coming in from parents should never be left un answered. They should feel that the day care is a happening place and their kid is enjoying and learning new things every day.

  1. Start a blog

Blogging gives connectivity. No doubt the blog should contain the activity details done in the centre so far but also tips for the parents to how to help the child to learn with fun. You can employ a child expert to provide his tips in the blog as to how to deal with the child in different situations and how to tackle him in the best possible manner. This is a burning issue right now with every parent and if this forms a part of your blog parents will definitely be interested to read and on the other hand also feel that the people running the centre are learned people in child psychology and are careful about every aspect of the child’s upbringing. Blogs should cover different topics related to children and their growing stages with tips to handle them as when they are out of control or notorious.

  1. Video uploads

Uploading videos of conversation with the parents during Parent Teacher Meetings, how their concerns are answered to and what are their feedbacks including some negative ones if any coming up. This will leave an impact on the mind of other parents and will create a good impression of the center in the mind of other parents. Engaging parents once in a month for some activities with kids will also give a very positive effect in the minds of the kids as well as the parents and other audience. All the above activities should form a part of regular uploads on all the social media platforms.

  1. Invest in SEO

Search Engine Optimisation refers to how high is your website searchable on the search engine. You need to invest in a good website development having good content in order to get high rankings. Today if one wants to about anything related to any field the first thing which a person does is searches on GOOGLE. To survive in this competition you need to invest in designing in a good website including all the good work and other related things in it and which has content which gives you high rankings.

  1. Place Ads

Advertisement speak out the best. A good advertisement having all the details will help you get a good traffic both on your website and also on the inquiries front. Posting the advertisement for enrolment is much needed and especially when you are offering some discounts or additional facility during a period. Need less to say that your posts should be having the LIKE and SHARE option available for more circulation. These ads can also be published in other communities and bulletins.

  1. Create a slide show

 A good slide show with good HD pictures helps a lot to gain attention. The slide show should contain pictures of your centre covering picture of local hygiene taken care of and areas of the centre. It can also consist of the picture of the staff who will be responsible for taking care of the kids should also be included. A picture of number of children enrolled so far in a group photo will create a feel that the centre is a well-known one and people are preferring it. This slide show needs to be posted on the social media as well as in the form of a video on the YouTube.

  1. Offer a Guarantee

You can use punch liners like “ Our 100% Happy Kid Guarantee” and if your and your child are not happy with us we assure to refund your full money after your first month. We shall refund every penny you have paid: OUR GUARANTEE. However this may seem to be a bit risky and can be utilised by well established centers only. Once these are used then it has to be a part of all your marketing campaigns and advertisements.

Thus to summarise like any business, this too is a continuous process of up-gradation, commitment and hard work. You as any owner need to take care of all the aspects in order to sustain in this field of competition. And since you are dealing with kids you have to be more careful and perfect in all your areas of operation. You need to take care that the staff and working of the center is in place every day and a small negligence might lead to serious implications.

Innovation too will be required frequently in this field and you need to offer something unique every year to the kids and the parents too in order to bind them for years to come. All the above tips will need close watch and changes will be needed form time to time as per the changing trends in the industry. The more facilities and flexibilities you provide years by year there are chances for you to become more and more popular.

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