Digital Marketing for HR Industry

digital marketing for HR industry

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Digital Marketing for HR Industry

Oh have you thought of starting up a HR consultancy on your own? But do you know where will you be promoting your services? First and foremost thing is to stand out different from your competitors since you will be new in the field. Try and identify your unique selling point and stick and try to expand the same rather than trying to offer new things at a time. Using digital marketing medium on your own is not easy and cannot be handled single handedly due to its varied features. You will definitely need a digital marketer who can do your job in a professional way.

So who is an HR consultant and what is his job?? Let us first understand that. HR consultants are the people who ensure that the Human capital of an organisation are the people who work in the best interest of the Company. They deal in providing personnels who work with a high level of productivity and efficiency so that companies set goals are achieved in time.

Listed below are some digital marketing for HR industry which you will need in order to expel in your journey from better to best

1. Develop a user friendly website

First step for any person to move to digital marketing for advertising any business is to get a well designed website. The content of your website is very important which includes using the keywords and phrases in order to get a good ranking on the search engine. Post interviews and short videos of the employees and satisfied employers which your consultancy has provided. This helps to build the trust in your Company as the world today is driven by reviews to a considerable extent. Apart from that how to give an interview and how to face the questions are also shown by the consultancies nowadays. Demo of these tutorials should be a part of website in order to make the visitors feel that the consultancy is a ONE IN ALL package and they are ready to cater to all the needs of a fresher or an experienced person. Key highlights of your consultancy should be a part of the front page of the website in order to grab the attention of the visitor quickly

2. Social Media

Presence on social media for any business is inevitable now. Register a social media account and make your presence and uploads regularly. Your posts should be a mix of information regarding your Company and other details; share blogs having knowledgeable details which interests the people seeking for jobs. Keep your posts regular so as to be connected with your viewers. Choose the topics of your posts wisely as freshers and job seekers are always looking for material which is related to new job profiles, interview tips, body language tips during interview etc. Upload small role play videos in order to guide the candidates to deliver their best in their interviews, such videos show your proficiency in dealing with your candidates. This option of digital marketing; if used smartly to advertise your business can do wonders to your Consultancy.

3. Technical Search Engine

Once your website designing work is done. Next step is to engage a digital marketing expert who will help you work on important aspects of digital marketing and internet usage. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a very important tool which helps you rank your website on a higher scale on Google page. It is utmost important that your website is secured; like it should be https and not http. If not then the visitors will feel insecureto visit your website hence security of your website cannot be ignored. The experts will ensure search optimisation for your website and also endeavour to maintain its priority in search.

4. Connect through Emails

Participate in college events and campus interview programs. These are the traditional methods of collecting data and prospective data base. Use this data base later to connect to the candidates via emails and send regular updates regarding upcoming job opportunities and new tie ups with Companies done by you. Your emails along with the information regarding job vacancies should include some other topics related to your consultancy and current and upcoming job vacancies. Such mailers keeps the readers engaged and arouse curiosity to wait for your mailers which are sent regularly once or twice a week. As a general practice an option for unsubscribe should be included.

5. Show what  you are offering

Being a HR consultant you are having a fair amount of clientele who are well known corporates and big reputed Companies. Whenever there are vacancies in these Companies; make sure you include a small video and some pictures of the Company where the candidates will get to work. This  of course can be done with the permission of your customers. Doing this will help the job seekers get a clear view of the work place and culture of the Company. On the other hand it will create a good stature of your consultancy as the visitor feels that you are dealing with reputed companies having good work place and atmosphere. This definitely boosts the enthusiasm of the candidates because “ seeing is believing!”

6. LinkedIn

It is inescapable to have a LinkedIn account since you are into HR Consultancy business. This is a very well known network which brings professionals, businesses and job seekers all on a single platform. Rather it is known as the core platform for any fresher or a person looking for a change in job. It is a gold mine for all HR teams no matter big or small in number hunting for talented candidates. They get choice to differentiate wheat from the chaff to their utmost satisfaction in selecting the candidate. But you need to keep your profile updated so that no wrong message is passed on to any of the prospects. Your profile should be having complete information about your consultancy and the current customers you are dealing with so that a first time visitor gets an overview of your work and proficiency.

7. Mobile app

Mobile apps are available for most of the businesses using digital marketing as a channel to advertise your product. It is a very convenient way to access the details on the phone through a mobile app. You need to ensure that the app is user friendly and has all the details related to job offers etc. In case you are running any offer or dealing in some good vacancies coming in then do flash this as an advertisement both on your website as well as the mobile app home page. This grabs attention of the viewers and you can get good prospects coming in.  Apps are mostly linked to mobile numbers and emails hence any such offers can also be conveyed via sms and emails to get quicker response.

8. Google Adwords to add business

On an average around 2.3 million searches are performed on Google and these searches result into Google Ads. You have to incur a cost to get your ads reflecting as a qualified traffic to your website. Google offers paid advertisements which appear in search results as a result of words mentioned on the Google Bar which are known as Adwords. Company pages and profiles are a source of information and grab attention of the job seekers and your presentation here is your first impression. It has to be complete by all means. A professional in the field will help you get your job done well.

9.Multiple channels

Traditional marketing methods involved distributing pamphlets, newsletters, sending emails etc. Now as you have multiple options you have a chance to connect to the masses in one go just by posting your advertisement on social media channels. When you engage a digital marketer he utilises a blend of multiple channels to connect to your prospects effectively. They analyse which out of the multiple options are working best for you. Hence rather than making your presence on all the platforms of internet it is better to leave a mark and target the audience of a particular channel to reap benefits desired.

 10. Updated website

Since you are dealing with HR consultancy the website needs to be up dated from time to time as the vacancies get filled in and new openings coming in, is a continuous process which keeps changing quite frequently. If this is not taken care of in time then it may happen that you find candidates applying for vacancies which are already filled in and you later have to apologise that its no more available and that wrong information was there on the website. This will result into loss of reputation and further damage to your image. Your website should be as accommodative as possible, candidates should be able to upload their resumes, documents etc on your website itself so that the communication is complete on first visit to your website. Since you are using Google Adwords and other digital marketing tools your landing page should be informative and create a concrete impression in the mind of a visitor

Above mentioned tips are not an exhaustive list of suggestions.  Digital marketing is a vast and continuously developing field , on the other hand due to changes in economy and other developments in the country job opportunities are increasing along with the competition. You as an HR consultant can leave your mark provided  you tie up reputed companies and suggest best candidates suitable to the job profile and the Company’s culture.

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