How to write result driven emails

Written by Jvalin Sonawala


Email communication is a trendy medium of marketing for any company, no matter how big or small. The biggest concern for any business; however big or small is the same are the same as to how to write an email that a prospective or existing customer opens and reads. Despite the popularity of various social media channels email remains the most popular form of communication in the world.

A study from Radicati, there are over 3.7 billion email users across the world, and numbers are steadily increasing. Hence we understand this that how important this medium is and how effective your mail communication should be to grab the attention of your customers.

Yes, the figure is so outrageous. Can you imagine what the amount of emails being sent and received daily is?  It is around 269 billion emails every day. It is rightly called the most effective channel of marketing with a median ROI that is nearly 5x than that of social media, direct mail and paid search. It has been noticed that customer prefer being contacted by brands via email or social media.

So we can imagine how important it is to write an impressive email. If your emails are not useful, you will soon tend to lose customers. It has been observed that almost 66% of the people unsubscribe from emails because the content does not align with their interests. It would be best if you make sure what the content of the mail is and whether it is going to the correct customer who has a relative interest.

Let us go through some corrective measures to get the right audience on emails :

Make a proper audience segmentation.

We all know that emails are of significance, but we do not have time to personally write an email to every customer, although it is all the more important to make every customer feel important. Hence, first of all, make a list of your customers and try to figure out their line of purchase. Not every customer may be interested in all your products; hence the first touchpoint will be sending emails regarding updates related to their purchase preference from you. Secondly, if the customer has visited your website, then check what all products he has clicked on to view the details and accordingly send further emails. It will make your email feel more generic, specific and not irrelevant or sporadic.

Make your list more refined in the form of age, gender, job profile or location. Further another option is to check the cart, what items they have bought, cancelled. It may sound impossible to send the right message to the right customer at the right time, but thanks to technology which makes this possible not only at the right time but also automated.

Understand the different types of emails

We can categorise the types of emails below:

 Persuasive emails: Persuading a customer to take action. E.g., your goal is to try to convince the customer to complete a post-purchase survey about their experience. Here it would be best if you made your customer feel important and that his opinion matters.

Descriptive emails wherein you can illustrate your product or service. These are used to inform the customers about the launch of new products or services.

Expository emails to teach your audience how to do something. They provide with the facts necessary for a customer to understand a product or a service. You can name them as newsletters.

Narrative emails are for telling a compelling story. They provide knowledge about the brand and the Company USPs.

Now the next concern is to how to write a perfect email. First, collect a list of subscribers and collect email addresses from the followers to connect with your masses in one go.

  1. Subject Line: It is a well know quote “First impression is the last impression”. In the case of email marketing, it is your subject line. A recent survey has discovered that 33% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line. The best is to nail it the first time so that your content is read. It is essential that the subject is short and sweet and should convey what your email is about clearly. If the matter is that catchy to arouse the interest of the reader, he will open the mail body to read the content. You don’t need to be over promotional, avoid using words like “Buy Now”, Must Buy etc. Once you are done with the subject, it’s time for you to move to the content.


  1. Too not load too much: Keep the content short and precise and the one that carries the most relevant information. There is no need to put all the information in one mail. You always have an option to send a series of mails once the viewers are interested in your mails. Else you can also include links to your website which contains details information. Too much information will instigate the subscribers to click the unsubscribe button. A simple teaser with a link can also serve the purpose.


  1. Personalise the approach: As we have already mentioned, there are lots of emails sent and received every minute. Hence it is crucial to give a personal touch to impress your recipient as nobody likes to be just like a faceless number. The primary language should preferably be in the Second person. Focus on the word “you” and make the reader feel that you are his valued customer, and you are happy to offer you the best. You can get numerous examples on the net if you want to do on your own initially else a digital marketing expert can do the job well.


  1. Proofreading is a must: All your efforts to make excellent content for the receiver will be wasted if your matter is not proofread thoroughly. Make attempts to twice check the typo and grammatical errors before circulating your mail. Any follies will lead to a loss if impression and make you look unprofessional. It can damage to the extent that spam filters might block your emails. These things, once are done, cannot be mended easily. Hence it would help if you were utterly careful and then go-ahead.



We have understood to send a perfect email, keeping in mind the points mentioned above. It can be an ideal chance to reap the benefits of good communication. It is the first step to generate more leads and sales. Keep in mind all the points and put in the best efforts to make your communication look fresh and exciting on every circulation. Avoid being monotonous else the receivers soon will be bored and lose interest.

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