How to Generate New Leads Through Organic Traffic

Generate new leads

Written by Jvalin Sonawala


How to Generate New Leads Through Organic Traffic

Modern businesses are made successful by efficient digital marketing strategies and branding. There are many ways to accomplish this, including social media marketing, web page promotion, and even live streaming events. Such online activities are designed for your companies to gather more leads, which basically means potential or future customers.

Think of the time when people got hooked on an online advertisement. This has likely led to countless comments on that brand’s social media page, mainly to inquire about new products or services.

If the brand’s social media managers answered the comments that they left behind, a conversation would initiate between the target audience and the latter. Once this continues, the company will have gained a lead. The only thing to do now is to further engage with them, which will eventually lead to a convert—a person who turned from a curious bystander to an avid supporter.

Lead Generation Through Organic Traffic

Let’s talk about organic traffic as a good source of your business leads. It refers to the people visiting your website and social media pages due to the prompt and motivation triggered by your advertising efforts. You didn’t need to pay for your ads to show up, as they willingly visited your pages out of curiosity—and not because of ad bombardment.

While attracting paid traffic to your pages would definitely yield quick results, they may not be a practical solution in the long run since you would have to keep on spending a portion of your company budget. 

In short, organic traffic presents a good and sustainable way to raise your sales and gather new leads. Here’s how it works:

Tips to generate new leads

1. Update Your Online Content Regularly

One way of effectively attracting new leads to your website would be through consistently creating new content and updating your information online. Your website has to be interesting, and the same applies to your social media pages. Make sure to post new graphics, videos, and streams that would most likely convince your organic traffic to stay and listen to your ads well enough to convert them to leads.

2. Analyse Your Rival Company’s Strategies

To beat your competitors, you have to know what their next moves will be. You have to be way ahead of them in terms of marketing strategies and digital sales. Remember, the best way to gain more sales over them would be to present original ideas that your target audience has not seen before— be it events, print ads, or viral videos. Whatever your creative team can come up with has to be done by your brand first before your competitors beat you to the punch.

3. Optimise Your Web Pages

Organic traffic is best earned through a highly functional website, topped with exciting content and an interactive user interface. If your website takes a long time to load due to the lack of optimisation, your leads may close their current tab and proceed to visit another website instead. Captivate them on the first try by making your website more accessible and user friendly.


Acquiring new leads may be a daunting task, but just because it’s hard doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to do. You have digital marketing on your side to ensure that your website, social media pages, and digital marketing efforts can garner new leads for your brand. Make sure to keep this guide in mind!

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