How Google+ Benefits Your Business Local listing

Written by Jvalin Sonawala


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How Google+ Benefits Your Business Local listing

Google My Business is free service from Google which enables users to check the reputation & online health of their favorite local business on Google Maps, the yellow brick road. If you’re a small business owner, there’s many benefits of utilizing your Google Business account to improve your online visibility with potential customers. If you own or manage a small business, it’s critical to increase your brand recognition to grow your customer base. You don’t have to spend thousands on advertising – all you need to do is get your business presence known on the internet, drive traffic to your website and tap into the benefits offered by Google. It’s free to set up an account and use the benefits of Google My Business, like online reputation management, customized content and search engine optimization, etc. Here are some more benefits of Google My Business:

One reason to start a Google+ account is because it allows you to connect with prospects and convert them into paying customers. This is possible because you get started with an ad, a name for your business and a URL where people can reach you and your digital marketing campaign. Since Google is one of the largest and most trusted search engines in the world, getting your business recognized online should be your top priority. With a Google+ account, small businesses can tap into this powerful resource and get started with affordable ad spaces.

Google+ allows you to manage multiple profiles which means that you can build a larger fan base for your business, reach more customers and optimize your social media presence for increased search results. When you have multiple profiles, you can share positive posts and comments on your fans pages and comments on other posts. As your fan base grows, you can also include information about your products or services to draw new customers. One of the benefits of creating a Google+ account is that you can share information with your customers in real time. That gives you an edge when you are trying to close deals and close new business.

You can optimize your blog and other websites to achieve higher rankings for your selected keywords. You can also make sure that all of your content is considered relevant by Google when it comes to ranking your business in the search results. For small businesses, this feature is very important because they do not want their content to be considered as advertisements. Google has great policies that protect its users from ad-vertisements. The last thing that any small business wants is for their content to be placed within AdSense ads. They want their content to be seen as credible and relevant for the users.

Google+ allows businesses to create and share reviews on any product or service that they are offering. This makes it easier for customers to have an open dialogue with businesses that they are thinking of making a purchase of service or product. Reviews are written by customers who have purchased the item or service in question and want to share their experience. Business owners can choose which customers should be included in the reviews and can delete any negative reviews that they don’t want included. Google+ allows you to publish as many reviews as you would like and your reviews will show up on the side bar of every page that you publish to the public. This creates a way for customers to engage and create conversation about products and services while being able to express their opinions without having to worry about being flagged as a spammer.

Google+ businesses can be listed in the Google+ Local page, which has a number of benefits for online visibility. Many local businesses do not see the advantage of their business listing until they search for it online. Being listed in the Google+ Local page allows customers to find your business listed near any area that they are searching. You can be targeted to a specific city or area, depending on what you are offering. This makes your business listing one of the first places that customers visit when they are looking for a business that is within their area.

Google+ has other benefits as well. The search results include information such as pictures, descriptions, videos, links and business information. Having your business information posted increases your chances of someone clicking on the link. People tend to spend more time on websites that are interesting and user friendly. You can also post customer testimonials on your Google+ business local listing to entice potential customers to do business with you.

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why Google My Business should be considered by small and medium sized businesses. Smaller companies have a smaller audience than larger businesses, and this can be exacerbated by poor Google Places rankings. Having a Google+ business local listing makes your company visible to customers even if they aren’t searching for what you have to offer directly. The more customers that see your profile, the more likely they will buy from you or at least give you a call to learn more about your services. Google+ benefits your reputation as well, so if you want to draw in new customers you need to make sure that you keep your business local and relevant.

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