How To Use Shopify To Effectively Market Your Business Through Facebook Store

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How To Use Shopify To Effectively Market Your Business Through Facebook Store

Shopify marketing is all about combining conventional marketing strategies with creative online marketing techniques to drive visitors to your e-commerce websites and convert them to customers. With the power of SEO, social media marketing, and PPC, you can set the foundation for a thriving e-commerce business. You will use these tactics as part of an overall marketing strategy to built brand recognition, encourage visitors to click through to your site, and lure them to buy when they are on the website.

Shopify takes care of the entire process of building your brand through influencer marketing. This process includes building a network of professionals and followers who will spread the word about your brand. You will need to find influencers who are highly active on Twitter and Facebook, and you will need to provide useful information for them to share with their followers. By being actively involved in conversations on Twitter and Facebook, as well as promoting the products on your ecommerce sales website through content marketing, you will attract the right type of people who have an interest in the products that you are selling.

If you want to ensure a strong brand presence, you must take steps to build your reputation on these three powerful social media platforms. In addition to being heavily involved on Twitter and Facebook, retailers should be active on Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. Creating a blog on your site is also a great way to engage customers and showcase your unique selling proposition. To help boost ecommerce sales, it is important for online retailers to use a variety of marketing strategies to attract the right kind of customers to their websites.

Many internet users ignore search results generated by search engines such as Google and Bing, and often skip websites that are not featured prominently in search results. By using Shopify, you can ensure your business receives high search engine optimization results because Google and other major search engines will promote your site prominently when relevant searches are conducted. Google offers many tools to help you optimize your website for search results. Shopify SEO provides many ideas for optimizing your store for Google, as well as Shopify Ads and PayPerClick campaigns. With SEO and ads, you can drive more shoppers to your websites.

Another way to attract new customers and retain existing customers is through digital marketing tools like email marketing, reviews, RSS feeds, blogs, videos, and social media channels. Digital marketing tools help consumers to stay informed about your products and services. For example, reviews offered on Google play an important role in attracting shoppers. Google Play, an app purchased by the search giant, allows customers to rate and review apps before downloading them. This is a powerful tool that enables retailers to provide unbiased reviews of their products, allowing prospective customers to determine whether they will benefit from using the product or not.

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have also proved beneficial to many retailers when it comes to promoting and engaging with customers. Twitter uses hash tags to highlight specific keywords, while Facebook encourages people to “like” pages that share its content. Consumers will be drawn to a retailer’s page if it has an established reputation, which can be built through digital marketing. However, this strategy cannot succeed without a strong brand. Shopify SEO offers tools to help retailers build brand awareness.

The success of any campaign largely depends on finding new customers, which can only be achieved through influencers. The power of influencers lies in their ability to convince shoppers to visit a website by sharing their experiences online. Influencers gain followers who become fans of the retailer and are thus potentially eligible for more exposure and sales if they recommend the company’s products. Shopify has several marketing tools to help retailers find influencers, including Google+ Insights for Influencers and the Shopify Marketplace.

On top of the engagement and attraction loop, other factors such as fan-generated content and product reviews contribute to a successful promotion campaign. Similarly, retailer should also make use of social media to engage users and generate feedback about their experiences. Social media marketing efforts through Facebook store have been proven to yield results, and retailers that embrace this strategy stand to benefit greatly.

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