How to get people to watch your vlogs

Written by Jvalin Sonawala


The popularity of vlogging is brought in competitive competition in the world of digital media. Every day the number of uploads is increasing and along with it comes the endeavour of survival. We know in this rat race all of the participants may not win the race. But this does not mean that looking at the marathon runway one gives up in the very beginning thinking that it is not possible for me.

We all deserve to try and put in our best. So start your journey as a vlogger without getting demotivated about the results beforehand. When you are making a video, you are in control of how to make it, what will be the budget, what will be the theme and what will be the content.

Next step is to decide when to upload and make the video live. All these things are in your hand, but you do not choose when the people to watch it. It would help if you made full efforts to grab the attention. You have all the necessary tools, and your video is all set to launch. But diverting traffic may not be that easy. There are some steps to follow to get maximum clicks to PLAY.

Catchy thumbnails: What are thumbnails? These are small clickable images with the reduced file size, which are used to enable full-size multimedia content. Videos can be named with catchy and attractive lines which depict the range of the video. These thumbnails reach to all people to come across the video, but they are not tempted to click and play it. So these thumbnails are very important and can be considered to be like a mini promo box which has the potential to attract the maximum audience. These thumbnails can either be funny or on a serious note. Make sure your video title is all about putting your best foot forward. Ensure that your thumbnail is under 2MB.

SEO: World’s largest Search Engine is Google, and second-largest is YouTube. To optimise your search results, you need to lend a helping hand to get YouTube SEO right. To optimise your products, you need to work on the descriptions as YouTube is not having Googlebot which crawls through your website to give better SEO results. Below are certain things you can do

  • The subject should contain a minimum of 250 words which summarises your description.
  • Use the keywords wisely in the first few sentences of the description and repeat them for 3 to 4 times.
  • Your title should definitely include the keywords.
  • Adding tags will show up your video in related videos when people are watching videos related to your content.
  • Check the advanced settings to be turned on if you want to cover the local area.
  • There are other options of allowing embedding and notify subscribers if you want to drive maximum views.
  • Above settings will allow your present viewers to share your videos on other social media channels and also to websites. You current followers should be notified for your new uploads hence double check if the options are correctly check marked.


End Screen gateway: If the viewers are watching your video till the end that is because they have found it fascinating. Hence at the end of the video, encourage them to click subscribe and like button for more views. Around 20 seconds before the video ends or a little afterwards, you can promote your related or other featured videos. It will help you to increase the number of views and in turn the popularity of the channel. YouTube provides you with many options for promoting your videos wherein you can either you can do the setting on your own, or you allow YouTube to automatically upgrade your videos of relevance to the viewer’s search result. Whenever a video is added, a thumbnail is displayed with the title and duration of the video.

Encourage subscription:  In the world of vlogging views always come and go. So if you want to survive here than you need to increase the subscriptions, you need to stand by the expectation of your current videos as they are the one who is valuing your work and will be creating pipelines for more subscriptions. In the journey of vlogging, the next level of success for you will be attracting brands and media outlets to partner with you. And before contacting you, they will be analysing yours on the number of subscriptions and views you are having. Never miss mentioning the link to subscribe your website, Instagram bio and email signature. So that people can follow you on all the digital options.

Going live: This option of going live on YouTube and other social media is getting tremendously popular day by day. It has the potential to provide you with a lot of opportunities. It will be easier to get featured on Live homepage than regular YouTube homepage. A live option allows you to interact directly with your viewers and know their views about your videos. You can also get ideas about your next videos and what are the expectations of your followers. It is a perfect option to reach the masses and not only to the list of subscribers but also attract new viewers.

So friends, after having a look do you still find it challenging to become a vlogger? If not, then go for it. We have covered almost all the important points required to be kept in mind for both existing vloggers as well as the beginners. Vlogging has tremendous potential and can give you new heights of success in the world of social media. Keep in mind to bring in something unique every day. Do not get lazy to do the research and analysis else you will miss the train soon. Keep a check on the current trend and do not be reluctant to flexibility in your presentation. Always be  ready to make the necessary changes as and when needed.

Happy vlogging !!! Rejoice the success !!!! Keep going !!!


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