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Written by Jvalin Sonawala


V blogs are getting popularity due to the increased use of social media. We have professional vbloggers, and they are having a fair amount of fan following. Let us understand who a Vlogger is. A Vlogger is a person who uploads his videos known as video blogs. They may be uploading videos on their own life rather than writing about it. It is gaining popularity as it is always said that videos convey better than words or written material or vocal speeches. Some of the vloggers post daily videos due to increase in demand. There is a thin line between a vlog and any other video channel.

Next question arises, what is a vlog meant for? It is designed beautifully and excitingly to share experiences, thoughts and ideas with their audience who are having a similar liking or niche. There are options to subscribe to their channels and enable notifications to get regular updates on every video upload. Their popularity increases with increased subscriptions and followers.

On watching any of such videos do you feel within that, you can do it too? Or you think that there is a lot of competition and who will watch your videos amongst the numerous uploaded every day?

Video blogging has enormous potential. You need to find out your niche and design a theme you want to continue with and which will interest you, viewers. There need to be something unique about your videos to grab the attention faster of the viewers.

A survey says that more than 85% of the people in the US watch advertisement videos and their purchases are a result of them. Earlier these advertisements were a part of the television industry, but now these ads are running on your mobile phones round the clock. Hence they have a more considerable potential to reach the masses as the ads run 24/7.

Videos are more effective as the viewers are watching you who has an identity and having expertise in some area and not just an anonymous person. Further videos are a more preferred method for gaining any information. Stats say that people tend to spend 2.6 times longer time watching web pages having videos than the ones having pictures or only write-ups. What you need is some right quality equipment like cameras or phones which are getting better day by day. Videos are capable of increasing organic traffic as good as 157%.

So having said the benefits lets go through some pointers to help you become a successful vblogger.

Conceptual series of videos: It often happens with beginners that they start up with one idea in mind and make one video. They do not think what will be next video about and that whether the first video will be impressive enough to attract the audience on the second upload. So the first step is to think of content that will bind the audience for a more extended period. For that, the concept should be interesting; the presentation should be positive and enthusiastic. No one would like to see a dull video with light backgrounds and low tone. People watching your videos for the first time should be able to understand what you want to convey and what will be the next video bring in. It is a critical step to become a successful vlogger.

Quality video and content: First of all, take off the thought from your mind that your video should be like a big production house and like that of a Steven Spielberg film. No this not what the viewers are expecting. They know the difference between a film and a vlogging video. But this does not mean that you will compromise on the quality of the video. Thanks to the developments in the technology which has given the option to people with a lower budget to make videos of good quality on their own and the cost of equipment like mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc are coming down day by day. It would help if you had a good camera or even the latest smartphone with cameras of better quality. So get one and get started.

Sound quality: Like the video quality the sound quality also needs to be perfect and for this, you can either get a camera which has an option to install an external microphone or buy a USB microphone and record the sound directly on your device. Invest in a tripod which is not much expensive or place the cameras on a shelf so that the videos are not shaky and comfortable to the eyes of the viewer.

Use a teleprompter: For beginners may be challenging to speak off effortlessly. There are some vloggers popular for their natural style. So in case you are facing difficulty in to deliver the content clearly and in a structured manner, then you may need to take different takes and then splice together the perfect parts. However, this may seem to be a long process so better switch to using a teleprompter. It helps to follow the sequence of the content, and you don’t need to memorise, you need to write the script to follow verbatim. People have been following practice to make a note on a paper than reading in between, but this loses eye contact with the audience and may lead to distraction too. Teleprompting may seem to difficult to use initially, but once you feed the content and set the device in a way that you can read the content easily.

Be presentable: Everyone likes to see an excellent presentable look on the camera. We don’t mean to say here that you need to look beautiful or handsome, but at least one has to look neat and clean on the screen. A shabby messy look won’t look appealing to anyone. We are not suggesting to spend a handsome amount on branded clothes and makeup but do whatever little you can to look appealing. When a person dresses up well, it boosts the person’s confidence, and it will show in your body language too.

Conclusion: Video blogging is reaching new heights of popularity in the world of digital marketing. It has proved to be an essential tool in content marketing. So friends, if you are thinking to start vlogging, do not overthink. Sit and create content and design an attractive and unique concept for video series. There is no such time as the right time for starting vlogging. Gather the required things to create and give it a shot.

Hope you found the post of some value addition for readers who are thinking to become or are currently vloggers. In my next post, we shall give you some pointers regarding how to get people to watch your vlogs.


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