Benefits of having in-house marketing agency

We have gone through the benefits of appointing a outsource digital marketing agency in our earlier post. Today let us further go through the benefits of working with an in house. In some cases, an in house team makes sense as one can keep a tighter control towards focused work.

The first and foremost thing here will be to hire an effective team and develop a team which is ready to work enthusiastically towards the goals decided by the Company. Let us here assume that you have hired a good group of people who will work with dedication towards the Company’s mission. You can expect the employees to be for emotionally attached to the Company’s progress than an outsourcing agency as they being a part of the management will be self-driven to work with dedication.

Engaged attitude: If you keep your employees motivated, they will work happily and with a high level of engagement and prove to be a potent tool in the Company’s success. A tenacious team will readily work beyond limits to reach the target. You cannot expect such dedication from an outsourcing agency.

Loyalty and long term benefits: To retain a powerful team is a challenging task for any employer in this increasing competition. As an employer, you need to focus on employee satisfaction, and once your team is happy, your half the race is already won. Every new project will be taken care of by them efficiently and with required excitement to achieve success for the Company.


Focused attitude: An outsourced agency works with multiple clients, and it may often happen that their work efficiency is affected because of juggling responsibilities.Sometimes, it happens that the agency is not able to give you sufficient brainpower. In the case of an in-house team, you can get full concentration on the task assigned. However, we cannot set a rule that an in the house will always do better, and an outsource may lose focus due to workload. We cannot deny the fact that an outsourcing agency is more experienced and their primary area of work is of digital marketing. They have experts to deliver their jobs despite working with multiple clients on time.

Brand awareness: An in house team has a benefit of brand awareness in their employees. They very well know why the Company exists on a visceral level compared to an agency. They are accustomed to the Company, and its workings and however, an agency might take some time to understand it and its customers. Better brand familiarity will give a better focus on customer delight. They know the nerve of their loyal customers and are aware which form of marketing can do wonders. You can expect a perfect alignment with the marketing and sales team as they all know how and when to approach a particular set of customers.

Better control: Accessibility and flexibility both are available whenever needed in case of in house team. In case of urgency or any other scenario, you will have the unit open. Any such things can be managed without any extra cost. In the case of agencies, such items may be charged at an additional cost as the contract, and its clauses bound them.

Cost-effective: There is a misconception prevalent that hiring an agency is more expensive than an in house. But this depends on the agency you opt to hire and the work you want them to assign. Sudden rise in costing can be avoided by setting aside a budget for every department. Hiring a person will require advertisement, or appointing a recruitment consultancy. Once the recruitment is done, you might have to spend on training and onboarding the employee.

Salary and perquisite cost too is to be taken into the cost calculation. Buying software and other infrastructure for the employees is also necessary so that they can work efficiently. So when it comes to cost comparison, you need to list down all these costs and against it the charge of appointing an agency. There is no defined rule on which one will always be cheaper. It depends on the Company, the job work to be done and the duration it will require to complete the job. Try to be vigilant in taking your decision.

Marketing scenario: One cannot conclude that a digital agency can do all the job the best. Some products and some companies have products which require a fair amount of technical knowledge to assist the sales staff. Such delicate things cannot be assigned to an agent immediately as they are not aware of all the details of the product. Markets are both obscure and innovative. Some markets rely on specific marketing channels which cannot be ascended linearly or predictably. Before deciding upon which option to opt for better take into consideration the current market trend, the product you want to offer and what expertise you will need to cover it up.

Conclusion: Going through the benefits and services provided by both the hiring and in house agency we can conclude that which option will be the best depends on the Company, product, budget, the area of digital marketing you want to pitch, the level of expertise you need, the urgency of task completion, current market trends and some more.

The management needs to decide upon the best option taking into consideration the future milestones the Company wants to achieve and in what period.  At times it happens the costing of employing one of them may have to be incurred to get more significant results shortly. So money wisely invested and is an earned profit.

Hope you found the post of some help to figure out the decision and it has given you clarity regarding what things are to be kept in mind while making the decision.

Digital marketing experts have suggested that the best route is to implement a mix of both house hires complemented with a digital marketing agency which may serve your purpose. After a certain point of time and some success over the period, you will be able to ascertain out which one or combination of both has proved to be beneficial to you.




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