Pros and Cons of CRM Software

Written by Jvalin Sonawala


It is common knowledge that CRM tools have gone a long way from their first launch to the current generation. The first ones were specifically designed for big corporations and enterprises, and required a significant amount of training to even get started. With the advancement of internet, these CRM tools have been made available to smaller companies at a much more reasonable price. These are great for start-ups that need a strong support system for their business. For any company that needs its head quarters in one place, there is definitely a perfect tool for you.

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Small companies have been using web-based CRM applications for quite some time, but with the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics GP, things have changed. Microsoft Dynamics GP is the industry standard in terms of CRM software. It has been used by millions of companies all over the world. It has come a long way from its early days, and is now considered a household name. Dynamics 365 on the other hand, was introduced about two years ago. It is quite a new name for a product line which already commands a significant market share.

Small businesses can get their foot into the market with Dynamics 365. This is because it contains great value for money. It not only provides good automation features, but also includes several pre-built workflows for data entry and distribution. It also comes with a number of tools for organizing and managing information. All these features make data entry and analysis a breeze for small businesses, and could help them save on labor cost. With data entry workflows and distribution workflows included in Dynamics 365, any company can expect efficient handling of customer data.

Sales leads are vital for small businesses, and the right CRM tools can help you track them. It is always important to keep track of customer relationships and the right CRM solution will do just that. Microsoft Dynamics ML is one of the popular CRM tools that small businesses can use for this purpose. It helps the company in tracking customer data, identifying customers, creating prospect lists and generating email and phone calls.

Pipedrive CRM is another excellent tool that can help small businesses manage their customers. It works perfectly well with Windows, Mac OS and Novell Netware CRM. It offers both hosted and single sign up crm, which means that the user can have the option of using either the tool or the server as per their convenience. The major advantage of using a hosted crm tools like pipedrive crm is that there is no need for investment in software licenses.

CRM software such as Microsoft excel, Microsoft access, Quickbooks and Sales lead tracking software are some of the common CRM tools that provide contact management solutions. These tools help in maintaining databases, organizing records and organizing communications among the various departments and teams within an organization. CRM software also helps in marketing a product and managing customer relations. A well organized CRM software helps in achieving success in customer relations and lead generation.

One of the main advantages of using a CRM software in order to automate the various processes is that it helps in reducing the workload of the employees who do the repetitive tasks by automating them. The task of contacting potential clients, evaluating leads, creating prospect lists and generating emails and phone calls can be easily outsourced to the CRM software which in turn eliminates the additional efforts of the employees. This results in increased productivity, improved profitability and reduced costs as well. The results of the manual efforts are less visible as compared to the benefits derived from automating the similar tasks.

There are many CRM tools available today which help in generating leads, tracking customer interaction and managing the sales pipeline. This results in increased profits and reduction of costs while increasing productivity and efficiency in the processes. These tools helps in creating prospect lists, lead generation and segmentation of customers based on their needs and requirements. By utilizing this tool companies can easily analyze the strategies used by their competitors and improvise their own strategies accordingly. Apart from all the other pros and cons, CRM is a very good option if one wants to automate the business processes and increase profitability.

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