What is AB Testing In Digital Marketing

What is AB Testing in digital marketing

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AB Testing which is also known as split testing, It is a process of experimentation carried out randomly. Two or more versions of a variable (it can be any one of the web page, page element, and more) are shown to different categories of website visitors at the same time to determine which version has maximum impact and drive business metrics.

The apparent benefit of A/B Testing is that it eliminates all the guesswork out of website optimization and helps the experienced optimizers arrive at decisions backed by the relevant data. A indicates ‘control’ or the original testing variable, whereas B refers to ‘variation’ or a new version of the original testing variable. B denotes ‘variation’ or a new version of the original testing variable.

The version that enables your business metrics to move in a positive direction is known as the ‘winner’ – a symbolic term. When you implement the changes of this winning variation on your tested page(s)/ element(s), it can help you optimize your website; thus, the business ROI can undoubtedly be increased.

For each website, the metrics of conversion are unique. For example, it may be the sale of products in eCommerce, whereas, for B2B, it may be the generation of qualified leads.

A/B Testing is one of the components of the overarching process of CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation. You can gather both qualitative and quantitative user insights using A/B Testing. This collected data can help you understand user behavior, engagement rate, pain points, and even satisfaction with website features, including new features, revamped page sections, and many more. To maintain and increase the potential revenue of your business, A/B testing your website is imperative.

The Importance of AB Testing

Eliminating Visitors’ Pain Points

To run any business successfully and to increase your conversion rates, you have to think from a visitor’s point of view like keeping your website tidy, attractive yet straightforward, easy to locate the desired information or do a task like buying, requesting a demo, or even mere browsing. It is now a well-known fact that any visitor does not stay on a webpage for more than 15 to 20 seconds unless he finds it useful or necessary. To learn about your potential clients’ tastes and pain points, A/B Testing is the best method that is fully effective.

Get more revenue from existing traffic

The cost of acquiring quality traffic is relatively high, and most experienced optimizers realize this. A/B Testing is a rescue for your business as it is very economical compared to the other methods. It has been observed that A/B Testing has been found very effective to give higher ROI.

Reduce Bounce Rate

It is one of the most critical factors which directly affect the conversion rates and, in turn, ROI. Due to various reasons, the visitors may not stay on your website and leave it sooner than expected. To reduce the bounce rate, there is no standard and effective solution fit-for-all. The different websites have different visitors, goals, and so on. A/B Testing helps you gather all critical and relevant data, showing you how to achieve the desired results.

Make Optimum Modifications

To achieve the desired goals, you cannot afford to make drastic changes to your website, which is already on the net for quite some time. The visitors do not appreciate such changes as that may confuse them to locate the desired information. As a result of this, even the current conversion rate may be affected negatively. The plus point of A/B Testing is that it gives excellent results with minimal changes effected gradually. Even you can have an initial idea of whether your visitors will like the introduction of a new feature or not. You can be sure of the changes you plan to make on your website.

Achieve Realistic and Important Achievements

A/B Testing is not based on any guesswork. Its entire process is based on precise, statistical and vital data like time spent on the page, several demo requests, cart abandonment rate, click-through rate, and more as you can see, you can have direct, clearcut data with almost perfect certainty. Based on a proper analysis of these data, you can modify your website successfully.

Helping You decide about Redesign of Your Website

Redesigning can be in multiple ways, minor modifications or significant changes or even total revamping your website; depending on the requirement as this is an important decision, it has to be backed by the relevant data regarding visitors’ expectations, convenience and more accessible user interface. A/B Testing gives you a clear idea before effecting any change. Out of two or more versions of any webpage, you can sort out the most engaging version.

Which Key Elements are to be AB tested?

Headlines and Sub-headlines

As the visitor first reads the headline, it is the essential element. It has to be simple, catchy, straightforward. You should carry out A/B testing a few versions with different styles, colors and many more.


It should be in harmony with your headline and sub-headline. Clarity is important. A/B testing results will guide you to decide the most effective phrases, patterns, and more.

The same applies to the formatting; you should have a clear idea of the format.

Subject Lines

The subject line of an email is critical, as a website headline. A subscriber has to find it valuable and clear, or else the user will move the email to the trash.

Design And Lay Out

The product page has to be perfect and optimum. You have to pay special attention to the overall design and layout; a combination of clarity and attractive features must be there. You have to try different versions to select the most suitable one.


You should be extra careful to consider this aspect. The visitor should be able to find the desired information in the shortest time possible. The navigation bar should be in familiar places. The contents of similar categories should be in one bucket. The options are many, and only a proper study of the visitors’ response can guide you. A/B Testing is ideal for this exercise.

Likewise, forms, CTA, Social Proof are also essential factors.

There are three major types of AB Testing 

  • Split URL Testing
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Multipage Testing

Each has its importance depending on the nature of the business, requirement, and so on.

There are many other factors to be considered in A/B Testing; all cannot be included here; however, a brief idea of its importance and utility has been narrated above.


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